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Muhammad Shahbaz | CEO | Zevk Cultivation Inc.

Zevk Cultivation: Crafting Cannabis Delight with Uncompromising Quality

Discover the Artistry and Innovation behind Zevk’s Premium Craft Cannabis!

Building a sophisticated cannabis brand that speaks to consumers is an exciting journey with countless opportunities. Entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are utilizing the opportunity presented by the cannabis industry’s rapid evolution and increasing acceptability on a global scale to develop distinctive and outstanding brands that serve the requirements and preferences of cannabis consumers.

In the heart of Saskatchewan, nestled among lush green fields and serene landscapes, lies Zevk Cultivation, a groundbreaking micro-cultivation facility led by the visionary CEO Muhammad Shahbaz. With a name that embodies delight and a mission to redefine the art of cannabis cultivation, Zevk is taking the industry by storm.

Founded by Shahbaz and Sonny Sacopon, it was born out of their shared passion for cannabis and their desire to create a brand that sets new standards for craft cultivation. To bring their vision to life, Shahbaz and Sacopon secured funding and assembled a team of like-minded individuals. Their expertise in the scientific and regulated industry proved invaluable when navigating the Health Canada application process. They designed a state-of-the-art facility that exceeds Health Canada’s requirements, ensuring the highest standards in cultivation practices.

Zevk’s philosophy revolves around producing premium craft cannabis of unparalleled quality. They utilize a unique system that combines deep water culture with aeroponics, allowing plants to thrive on clean nutrients. Every input is carefully selected to guarantee purity and safety, providing consumers with a trustworthy product.

As a micro-cultivation facility, Zevk prides itself on producing small batches of true craft cannabis. Every plant receives utmost care and attention, resulting in an artisanal product. From seed to harvest, the cultivation process is carried out with precision and passion, showcasing the artistry behind cannabis cultivation.

Zevk Cultivation is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. They employ energy-efficient practices, incorporating renewable energy sources and water conservation techniques to minimize their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

Let us experience the delight of Zevk Cultivation – where innovation, craftsmanship, and passion converge to redefine the art of cannabis cultivation!

The Visionary

Muhammad Shahbaz holds a Ph.D. from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and has worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, USA. During his time there, he contributed to a USDA-funded project focusing on genetically modified poplar plants and their nutritional effects. Following this, he joined the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts before transitioning to the cannabis industry in Saskatchewan in 2018. With a personal cannabis consumption license, Muhammad has embraced the legal cannabis industry, drawing on his extensive background as a plant scientist and his upbringing as the son of a farmer. Motivated by his fascination with cannabis use and its medical effects, Muhammad is driven to make a difference and empower others through his work in the industry. The opportunity to create change and empower others are two of the primary reasons why individuals like Muhammad choose to join the cannabis industry.

Since 2007, wherever he has lived, it was already legal or has become legal. He resided in the Netherlands, where it was already legal at the time. In 2011, he relocated to Colorado, and the following year, cannabis became legal in that state. Subsequently, he moved to Massachusetts, where it also became legal. Their next move was to Canada in 2017, coinciding with the legalization of cannabis in that country. Consequently, he humorously asserts that he did not actively pursue the legalization of cannabis; rather, it seemed to coincide with their relocations, leading them to develop an affection for it.

Delightful Success

Zevk, a Turkish name meaning “Delight,” was brought to life by its founders, Shahbaz and Sonny Sacopon. The duo embarked on a journey to secure funding for their Micro-cultivation facility and were fortunate enough to attract like-minded investors who shared their vision. Leveraging Shahbaz’s expertise in the scientific and regulated industry, the Health Canada application process was skillfully navigated. The design of the grow facility was meticulously tailored to meet Health Canada’s exacting standards and to cater to the unique requirements of the plants. Initially operating at half of its production capacity, Zevk eventually expanded to fully utilize the available canopy space after just one year.

Revolutionizing Cannabis Cultivation

The team consists of individuals who have a deep passion for cannabis cultivation. Shahbaz, with a Ph.D. degree in Plant Physiology and extensive experience in hydroponics, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Together with their partner, who serves as the Master Grower, they embarked on their cannabis cultivation journey in April 2028 under a medical cannabis license. Their hydroponic system, which has been custom-designed, allows for precise control of the nutrient solution temperature. Instead of focusing on becoming the largest cannabis producer, their goal is to be the best in terms of product quality. They firmly believe in avoiding shortcuts and are committed to producing truly innovative and high-quality cannabis products. Their approach emphasizes the importance of education, research, and development and building alliances to foster a tradition of innovation in production.

Custom-designed Systems and Premium Inputs

The growing system at Zevk Cultivation has been custom-designed to meet their specific needs. They utilize insulated grow pods, which provide them with the ability to have precise control over the temperature of their nutrient solution. Zevk Cultivation also utilizes a closed recirculating hydroponic system, which includes a customized chiller system. This unique system ensures that their grow rooms remain clean and that their finished products are of the highest quality. Furthermore, Zevk Cultivation sources their inputs exclusively from reputable and reliable sources.

Innovative Hydroponics

Zevk Cultivation is known for its expertise in producing exquisite, high-quality craft cannabis flowers. They employ a distinctive hydroponic system that combines deep water culture and aeroponics to cultivate their plants. The plants are carefully nourished with clean nutrients, ensuring their optimal growth. The team at Zevk Cultivation meticulously oversees every aspect of the production process, resulting in a healthy crop and superior consumer product. Their commitment to selecting reliable and safe inputs is evident in the exceptional quality of their offerings.

Larger-scale Recreational Drug

The plants are grown in a compact grow room in limited quantities. Each room is dedicated to growing only one specific strain, allowing for customized nutrient and environmental conditions for that particular strain.

Unveiling the Unbeatable

Their primary objective is to maintain cost competitiveness. As a small operation, they avoid incurring significant overhead expenses.

Licensing Compliance for Micro-cultivation

The design and construction of the facility were undertaken by Zevk Cultivation in compliance with Health Canada regulations. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) were developed for all tasks performed within the facility. Each production step is carefully documented and routinely reviewed to ensure compliance with regulations.

Exclusive Sneak Peek

While sharing the expansion plans, Shahbaz said, “We just got our processing license from Health Canada on 02 June 2023. We are in the process of launching our brand in the retail market by fall 2023.”

Power of Customer Trust

When asked about the significance of customer trust for his brand and how he maintains it, Shahbaz emphasized the importance of transparency in their production process. He highlighted their commitment to producing high-quality products that are both clean and potent. Additionally, he mentioned that they have a strong base of returning customers despite currently focusing solely on B2B sales.

Remarkable Achievements

When we open the bags of your product at our facility, it smells so strong and nice. Our whole facility was overloaded with potent smell that had never happened before, “Citizen Stash.”

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