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Zephyr Health: Providing Analytics to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly.  With pressure coming from new business models, getting to the right data to demonstrate value and improve product commercialization is becoming essential for life sciences companies. To bridge the gap between the healthcare companies and analytics, Zephyr Health is helping life sciences companies like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device and Diagnostics to engage the right physicians, accounts, and institutions using insights from global health data. The company stays deeply engaged with the industry’s challenges and ahead of the opportunities to ensure that the insights they provide are answering the most pressing questions that their customers need to solve.
Meet the Pioneer behind Zephyr Health
William King is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Zephyr Health. He founded Zephyr Health in 2011 after working with Johnson & Johnson to help life sciences companies find a better way to use global health data to connect their treatments, diagnostics, or medical devices to physicians and ultimately, to patients in need. William believed that, with the right technology, healthcare companies could more easily make decisions based on data insights to gain competitive advantage. He is passionate about making more efficient use of the data that is being purchased and generated – 80% of which is unstructured – by connecting it and then providing ways for business leaders to extract value. His focus when he founded Zephyr Health (and today!) continues to be on providing solutions for business people, and hence he built a life sciences-focused “insights” solution called Zephyr Illuminate with machine-learning based data linkage, advanced analytics, and a sleek, user-friendly interface.
Best in Class Services and Solutions
Zephyr Health’s technology is a unique combination of patented, Machine Learning Algorithms that create predictive insights using global health data for every major treatment area using thousands of connected data sources – public, private and vendor. Turn-key integration allows customers to maximize returns on their current CRM, BI, and other investments. Coupled with easy-to-use, mobile-enabled applications, cloud-based solutions anticipate business users needs to help customers discover previously hidden insights. The company has a dynamic team of specialists in life sciences, enterprise SaaS, and data science who are all motivated by the improvements their solution can bring to the industry.
Analytics Power Tools
Zephyr Illuminate™ is a leading Insights-as-a-Service solution that integrates thousands of data sources to create precise and predictive insights. From pre-launch to product maturity, Fortune 100 life sciences companies are using this enterprise SaaS solution to make confident decisions faster with data-driven targeting and deep customer profiles.
Zephyr Illuminate was cited as a vertical specialist among insights solutions providers in the May 2016 Forrester Research Report, Vendor Landscape: Insights Service Providers, PM360’s Most Innovative Start-ups, 2015 and Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Life Sciences, 2015.
Companies depend on Zephyr Illuminate to; anticipate market opportunities with dynamic and predictive insights; accelerate product success with comprehensive customer profiles and market insights; improve strategic engagement with thought leaders and healthcare providers using dynamic and predictive insights, personalized for each account and market; realize the market potential and growth opportunities by improving targeting globally; analyze competitor performance dynamically and target sales messages accordingly; increase the value of existing data and platform investments by integrating global health data from thousands of sources;  collaborate seamlessly with the home office, and field on strategic engagement with physicians and institutions.
Zephyr Health recently launched two new game-changing analytic capabilities for Zephyr IlluminateReferral Analytics and Segment Analytics;
Referral Analytics is the industry’s most innovative, machine-driven solution that identifies referral patterns to help predict and segment potential referring healthcare providers, specialists or organizations. With Referral Analytics, life sciences companies can quickly compare historical referral trends and volume, and prioritize existing or new customers based upon referral potential.
Segment Analytics provides a summary view of multiple customer groups to analyze better and target key customers and markets. Using Zephyr Illuminate’s powerful, proprietary scoring capabilities, Segment Analytics aggregates data relevant to both medical and commercial teams on the main attributes such as treatment, promotional engagement, marketing influence, and clinical research.
Zephyr Health believes that each successful customer engagement leads to a long-term partnership as well as expansion into other areas of the customer’s business. As a small but growing technology company, Zephyr Health is laser-focused on customer success – helping each customer achieve meaningful outcomes and the ROI they have projected.