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Zephyr Health : Next Generation Solutions for Life Sciences

Zephyr Illuminate™ is an Insights­-as-­a­-Service solution that harnesses global health data, including public, vendor and internal data to provide a holistic view of treatment and market landscape for Life Sciences companies. Zephyr Health’s patented, machine learning algorithms use advanced & predictive analytics to filter, aggregate, organize and visualize meaningful insights­ on demand. From medical affairs to marketing and sales, Zephyr Health helps Life Sciences leaders to make confident decisions faster across the entire product lifecycle with precise and predictive customer and market insights. The company has operations in North America, UK and India and stands at the forefront of the digital health economy.
William King, a leading light of Zephyr Health
William King founded Zephyr Health in 2011, with 10 consecutive years’ in the pharmaceutical industry with Johnson & Johnson, where he was a member of the International Development Program for global leadership and held a range of global roles in sales, marketing, training and strategy. William holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Denver and currently serves on the American Heart Association Research Roundtable Executive Board. Under William’s leadership, Zephyr Health has grown to serve leading life sciences, device and healthcare companies across more than 15 countries.
Scalable, Full-­stack Enterprise SaaS Solution
Zephyr Illuminate includes the largest global dataset so that Life Sciences business users can have the most complete view of their customers including links between HCPs, institutions and systems.

  • Zephyr Illuminate pulls all relevant data sources and integrates with CRM systems such as Veeva or Salesforce to provide hidden customer and market insights, and put that data into medical and market context.
  • Zephyr’s enterprise solution is custom built for Life Sciences business users, and provides real-time insights that quickly reveal opportunities to improve sales performance.
  • Zephyr Illuminate gives the power to Life Sciences companies so that they can quickly and easily make business decision with key insights without having to rely on additional technology or data experts.

Expertise in the Life Sciences Industry
Zephyr Health has deep expertise in the Life Sciences industry and an understanding of the kinds of insights that matter to their customers and motivate them. This served them well in their early days as they worked with initial customers to emphasize problem solving for significantly improved business outcomes. Zephyr Health believes in the “art of the possible” and coupled that with a talented data science team and a strong vision.
Zephyr Illuminate is helping life sciences leaders transform their product launches and commercial success with precision­ driven decision ­making and key customer and market insights. Fortune 100 Life Sciences companies depend on Zephyr Illuminate’s enterprise insights to instrument product launch and sales activities; identify and realize customer and market potential; accelerate commercial success with depper customer engagement; improve strategic engagement with comprehensive customer profiles; gain competitive advantage by sharing real-time insights between headquarters and streamline inefficiencies across the organization.
Zephyr Illuminate’s mission is to organize & visualize global health data to help their customers connect their therapies to people in need. They are excited about the ability to truly harness the power of big data in global health and turn these insights into predictive actions for their customers.