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Zenodys: Connecting Businesses through Smart & Efficient IoT Solutions

The ability to collaborate with multiple systems and provide rapid modeling without compromising on experience has become the mainstream strategy for every innovative customer experience transformations. In a quest for new IOT experiences, Zenodys goes above and beyond to help industrial establishments to make simple and efficient transformation to smart and connected business. For this purpose, Zenodys created a platform that is effusively visual, meaning that all the procedures, from connectivity, data processing, advanced models and business intelligence can be done without the need for any programming.
Zenodys’ platform makes it easy for companies to make the start and leverage the Industrial Internet of Things. Its unique end-to-end visual IoT platform allows industries to effortlessly connect and add devices without writing a single line of code while getting actionable data through a visual interface. The process is painless, non-intrusive and doesn’t require any expensive investment in new machinery. This platform also supports advanced services like predictive maintenance, computer vision, and demand response among others. It has a vision that companies would be able to digitize and automate their resources fast with optimized and predictable ROI.
An Inspiring Leader
Jernej Adamic is the Co-founder of Zenodys. He has over 15 years of experience in business development and 7 years of experience in digital marketing. Before co-founding Zenodys, Jernej worked at his own digital marketing agency and has also performed consulting for enterprises, SMEs and startups. Jernej holds a B.A. in psychology and a MBA from Kansas University.
He love to adopt to new technologies and believes modern technology to have the potential to reform human race, for the first time in history, to the point where basic needs can be produced without people’s direct work. He is optimistic about the positive outcomes that technology would bring-forward, thereby transforming Zenodys to a better and more innovative company.
Unique Strategies with Superior Execution
Zenodys delivers a perfect combination of visual simplicity and optimized processing engine that operates directly at the client’s facilities. Visual simplicity means that everything from the implementation, development, and customization of complex digitalization solutions can be done by simple drag and drop method. Optimized processing then handles this visual script and proceeds to process millions of data per second. Everything operates near the machines, where the data originates, hence optimal efficiency, privacy and security is guaranteed.
Unlike most of its competition, Zenodys is an edge first platform. It can optimize the processing of data going directly within the facilities, without the need to make painful and expensive data transfers to the cloud. Competitors provide platforms that are optimized for the cloud but they struggle to provide optimized solutions at the edge. The smart solution of Zenodys creates experience that brings the process agility for customer’s workflows. Its ability to collaborate with various systems and provide rapid forming, without compromising on involvement, becomes the main stream strategy for any business process management systems.
Zenodys is also hardware agnostic meaning that it can run on any kind of gateway, computer, cloud, or distributed computing system. Also, it can connect to any device that runs on the protocol that supports.
They can start implementing its digitalization and automations strategies closely, without expensive investments and without initial decision risks. The purpose of its platform is that every aspect can be modified and optimized quickly, mostly even in minutes or hours. The whole process is transparent and simple to follow even for the non-technical people. They can also be independent, which means that they can adopt faster, learn faster, and be in constant control of their transformation to smart and connected facilities.
Future Limelight
Since start, Zenodys’s platform was a response to an insight; that the developers are struggling when they have to work with legacy machines and devices that still represent the majority of production devices in the factory. There is also a huge fragmentation of machines and getting the data out of them was and still is a challenge. So with Zenodys platform, they wanted to make it as simple as possible. Slowly it has started to go higher on the value chain, and they have further simplified the data processing part as well as the AI and business intelligence. The result is a visual end-to-end platform that can be used in various industrial verticals.
Zenodys understands that manufacturers are under constant competitive pressure to optimize their floor shops and productivity. With smart and connected facilities they have to adopt fast and have to avoid decision and implementation risks. With Zenodys’s visual approach, clients can lower these risks easily.
Zenodys plans to further provide simplicity in to the complex industrial world. Its next step would be implementation of Blockchain Technologies and to offer simple exchange of data, because most of its clients need structured and intelligent data to make better decision.
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