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Zachary Garber CFA, Financial Advisor, Alex Brown. A Division of Raymond James

Zachary Garber: A Trusted Advisor and a Passionate Leader

Leaders who are successful today knew how to define a common goal, communicate it clearly to their team, and ensure to have the right resources to make it happen. Zachary Garber CFA (Zack) is among those leaders.
Zack is the Client Advisor at Alex. Brown, a Division of Raymond James. With his enthusiasm and thoughtfulness into his work, Zack strives to help clients seamlessly navigate all aspects of their financial well-being.
Let’s unveil how his journey in the wealth management industry started.
An Urge to Explore a Career in Wealth Management
Upon graduation from Emory, Zack made the difficult decision to sell his college startup to join Deutsche Bank in its global wealth management training program. After completing the global training program and working for three years on the structured solutions team, he decided to attend the Wharton MBA program, where he started a fantasy sports company. Having soft-circled investment capital and having made the semi-finals of the Wharton Business Plan Competition, Zack was once again faced with the difficult decision of running the startup company or further exploring a career in wealth management.
Through a period of self-exploration and examination of aspirations, he ultimately decided that he could create the largest platform for positive change by joining and growing his father’s wealth management practice at Alex. Brown. He felt that a career in wealth management would be more intellectually fulfilling for him and would allow him to play a unique role as a trusted advisor to families and institutions.
Throughout his journey, Zack has been blessed to have an incredible mentor – his father. Before joining his father’s practice, he developed his own expertise by graduating with honors from the MBA program at Wharton, completing the CFA designation, and working for five years in the industry.
Consistent Approach to Wealth Planning  
Zachary is a member of the Garber Wealth Management Team, which is part of Alex. Brown, a Division of Raymond James. He and his team strive to provide customized wealth management solutions with high-touch, excellent customer service. They believe that they are only as good as their last client interaction, particularly given that their business is primarily built on word-of-mouth referrals.
The company’s mission is to serve clients in a way that it expects to be treated and provide an experience that helps clients develop a consistent approach to sophisticated wealth planning questions. Zack states that it is essential to help clients make informed decisions in uncertain volatile markets. The company’s vision is to be a trusted advisor to help clients and institutions build a platform to create positive change.
A Facilitator of Meaningful Connections
Zack believes that he has made an impact in the industry through his consistent commitment to a long-term investment approach and client excellence in an environment in which many focus on the next short-term trade, fad, or meme stock. He strives to ensure that he is making a positive impact on the world through his work professionally and personally.
In an industry that sometimes has a negative public perception, Alex. Brown strives to leverage its practice, investments, and firm resources to facilitate meaningful connections and support growth in the local community.
Zack does his best to act as a trusted resource and a facilitator of meaningful connections among community leaders, businesses, and individuals. In addition to his work in wealth management, he runs a podcast, “Charm City Dreamers”, in his free time. The podcast highlights visionary leaders in Baltimore whose groundbreaking work in areas such as race equity, digital access, food insecurity, mental health and addiction, and the future of industry should serve as a model for local and national change. He hopes that his work within the profession, as well as his involvement in Baltimore, inspires others in the industry to dream bigger and to leverage their resources, network, and time to benefit their respective communities.
A Heritage of Trust and Expertise
Zack is motivated by the privilege of being a trusted advisor to families and institutions. He mentions that Alex. Brown takes responsibility as advisors on significant financial assets extremely seriously. The organization’s culture of transparency, authenticity, and dedication to consistent, informed, process-driven decision-making ensures that its clients receive the customized solutions and guidance they need to make educated wealth management choices.
The company strives to treat each client with respect he or she deserves and listen to their needs, goals, and risk tolerance before accepting funds or making any investment plans. He believes that its high-touch, sophisticated approach to wealth management is the reason that the clients enjoy working with and share its name in the community. Ultimately, the company aims to help its community and educate those around to make informed decisions on investing, preserving, and donating one of their most valuable assets: their wealth.
Future Aspirations
Zack hopes that his work in the industry inspires others to leverage their resources, knowledge, and connections to help the community around them. Furthermore, he aims to continue to bring transparency to the wealth management industry. He also hopes that in a world of meme trading and short-termism, he can continue to help those around him continue to invest for the long-run and remember that time and positive compounding is the most valuable investment tool.
Zack envisions himself continuing to grow and expand the team. He hopes that he will make a difference in the community through his professional work and act as a trusted advisor to those around him.
In the future, he hopes that when people speak of the Garber Wealth Management Team, they will discuss the integrity, unwavering commitment to excellent client support, and its thoughtful long-term approach to providing customized, consistent investment solutions amidst a volatile, dynamic market.