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Yunha Kim: A Women Entrepreneur Meditating a Healthy World

Youthful women are chartering across unique and challenging global territories; be it in commerce, education, travel, fashion, law, or any other conventional sector. Their wisdom and enthusiasm has dominated every possible industry. Some young women entrepreneurs are pedaling with unique healthcare ideas and solutions. One such pioneering precedent is Yunha Kim, the Founder and CEO of Simple Habit.
The Transcendent Meditation App of Yunha Kim
Simple Habit has gone onto become a leading wellness guidance platform, within one year since its formation. The unique smartphone application has over four lakh plus potential users and has been awarded by Google Play Store as one of the best apps of 2017
Simple Habit is an extremely unequivocal meditation app for engrossed people. The application is designed by meditation expertise, which offers a premium library of more than 1000 meditation techniques and 50+ free sessions. The innovative application by Yunha provides a meditating solution that can be utilized as per the situation and mood; for example, the apt meditation methods can be carried out while commuting, before sleeping, or taking work breaks. The platform also felicitates customized accessibility to more than 60 global meditation experts, who provides personal consultation. The catered meditation habits can reduce stress, improve focus, and also provides better sleep, faster relaxation and healthy breathing hygiene. Customers can even customize their session from one minute to 30 minutes. The application offers free version as well as a very economic premium subscription. Yunha states that the working youth in modernized world is struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and other mental stress problems; five minutes of meditation everyday can be very persuasive.
Stimulations and Aspirations of the Founder
The Duke University, magna cum laude alumnus, Yunha Kim, served as the Investment Banker on Wall Street during the initial phase of her career. She commenced her first startup in 2013, Locket, a lock screen application that served tailored news on mobile screen. She raised $3.2 million in venture capital and then sold the same to an e-commerce company named Wish, in 2015. She shares that she created the app at the age of 23 and tried to do everything, because there was an endless amount of work, and during these period she had to be more disciplined about prioritizing.
The idea of Simple Habit was coined by Yunha, at Stanford Graduate School of business where it was like a personal passion project for her. She describes that she went through a serious stress in her early 20s; even while working on Wall Street, where she spent over sixteen hours a day in work. Yunha observed that the problem of falling asleep, finding no time for relaxation is normal for associates as well. She thereafter tried many techniques for stress relief, including meditation. She was fascinated by the benefits of meditation and found it to be the most effective and economic practice. However, she discovered that there is not a single platform which significantly elaborates this technique and its numerous benefits. She claims, after self-trial she realized the powerful impact of regular meditation on people’s life and began to work on the idea of creating a meditation application by utilizing the knowledge of top meditation expertise. She subsequently dropped out of Stanford and primarily focused on forming a platform for mindfulness and meditation.
Challenges Conquered as a Women Entrepreneur
As a women entrepreneur, many male dominant people often characterize you in a manner that somehow affects your professional potential. According to her, resilience is the most important quality that emerging entrepreneur must possess as things animate unproductively. One must have the requisite mental resilience to fight against analogous obstacles. She further adds that, meditation is the best way to find resilience. Hiring of capable and adaptable employees is another salient way to conquer business obstacles. In her opinion, the enthusiasm and reliability of employees is one of the vital factors for her company which strives to overcome existing or imminent challenges. She mentions, “Strive to be kind and fearless attitude towards risk taking might been the prominent qualities that helped her in being successful individual”.
Simple Habit has been accelerating with fast pace, Yunha expects to facilitate expansion and envisions the company to be a globally leading wellness platform. She contemplates, to conceive a globally leading wellness tool which will embolden human life to be better and stress free. She presupposes to make the meditation and mindfulness platform extremely substantial and highly accessible.
The Essentials for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Yunha advises aspiring entrepreneur, “…the earlier you take action, the better. Every year you wait, your opportunity cost goes up (cost of a family, mortgage, lifestyle and salary, etc.) If you feel passionate about an idea, act when you’re young(er).”
She concludes,For young entrepreneurs, remember to invest in yourself. Self-care is critical. You will work long days, and stress is inevitable, so it’s important to take a little time each day to step away, breath and reset. I learned this the hard way with my first startup where I experienced burnout. Now, I meditate at least once every day. As a boss, leader and team member, I am more alert, focused and equipped to handle the hundreds of un-expectancies that happen at a startup.”

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