YouTube Plans to disclose advertisers their viewers Record

Google Inc’s YouTube, lets advertisers with a complete data on how many ads on its internet video service can be viewed by viewers in response to advertiser complaints.
The Internet has mentioned unidentified people familiar with YouTube’s plans. The company said plans about providing third-party verification group to insert code on its website, which will help them collect data on the position and context of Ads.
According to the company, the move is awaited to start by the end of the year and can attract verification companies like ComScore, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.
The company stated about the plan, which is a response to complaints from advertisers including Unilevr and Kellogg Co.
“ Viewability had long been a concern for its clients.”, YouTube said in a statement and added, “We’re committed to meeting all of our clients’ measurement needs through a combination of product innovation and industry partnerships.”
Also the company further added it had further efforts planned and was “taking our clients’ feedback into account as we continue to roll out new solutions.”