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Young and Successful Female CEO of Gipnetix PTE LTD: How to Launch Your Own Business in the Midst of a Global Crisis

In her late 20s, Daria Halchack managed to found her own company, Gipnetix PTE. LTD., in the middle of a global pandemic. Gipnetix is ​​an online learning platform that will bring your personal and corporate brand development to new heights. The platform also helps social media marketing specialists advance in their careers and improve the performance of their ads. Business owners can benefit from the knowledge available on Gipnetix as well. 
Prior to launching her own business, Daria already was an influencer with over 200k followers on Instagram. Despite her now devoting most of her time to running her business, we’ve managed to talk to her and ask more about her success story as well as advice for today’s influencers and starting entrepreneurs. Daria’s story is a perfect illustration of the power of smart business planning and implementation.
At what point you’ve started thinking about creating Gipnetix? Did someone or something inspire you?
DH: Well, I wouldn’t say that Gipnetix was launched very intentionally. I just wanted to help people in their marketing journeys by creating something that will make a complex and confusing process such as brand development a lot easier. I was driven by the idea behind Gipnetix, its mission.

How would you define Gipnetix’s mission? 

DH: The mission of Gipnetix is to become a source of knowledge offering life changing opportunities and the best platform for the exchange of experience between online marketing specialists. Gipnetix helps small and medium-sized businesses to promote their market offerings effectively and develop their corporate brand. We as well offer exceptionally helpful resources for influencers to grow their audience and develop their personal brand.
I would like to make people who come to Gipnetix feel that if they set ambitious growth goals or if they are simply stuck looking for a reliable partner to generate more leads, online sales develop their personal or corporate brand and improve their overall marketing performance, they’ve come to the right place.
Launching a business during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic with everyone being in lockdown was a bold move. What was your thinking behind this? What is your advice to today’s starting entrepreneurs?
DH: Especially in difficult times like today, I feel like it’s vital for people to keep their spirits up. In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity. I was reminded of this quote as I was watching the COVID-19 raging across the continents creating global chaos. The quote has been around quite a while. Sun Tzu wrote it in his military treatise, The Art of War, somewhen between 771 and 476 BC.
If you think about it, we all experience chaos in our everyday lives. People often hate it and struggle every time it shows up. It probably would be much easier if leading a business, team or family was always predictable and accompanied by easy decisions, but things usually turn out quite the opposite.
As such, a good leader is the one who leads through chaos. I hope to share with people more ideas that will help them better cope with their challenges and be able to lead when things are in chaos.
We are often tempted to create order in times of uncertainty as structure feels so much safer and predictable, right? While this may help teams reduce stress and increase productivity, nothing worthwhile is easy. Chaos is the best time for creating new things. In uncertainty, the world is open to innovation and new ideas like never ever before. Everything is changing and you might be the one leading this change embracing new opportunities. Order and structure won’t help us innovate and it isn’t what people truly need in hard times like this.
If someone is an aspiring entrepreneur driven by ideas and not afraid of the challenge ahead, I would say go for it, if you dare. You’ve got to work hard to understand your market, develop a compelling proposition and then sell your idea.

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