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YouBthere: Changing the Educational Learning Landscape through Digital Student Engagement Software

Today, technological advancement is totally transforming the educational experience from its origins. Students are now learning through their smart devices more easily and effectively than ever before thanks to companies like YouBthere. The combination of both classroom and on-line programs within higher education is gaining more popularity due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and overall simplicity. This increasing trend of hybrid or blended learning students as they are called, is creating tremendous pressure on educational institutions to try and find new value-added digital technologies. Finding those relevant digital technologies that will help create and deliver a meaningful impact on improving student educational outcomes is the next wave in education today.
YouBthere is a cloud-based student engagement software application that helps professors and students engage, discuss, and stay connected regardless of a preferred learning environment. It offers an enhanced classroom or online learning experience by creating an interactive exchange of ideas and discussion topics all through a click of a button. Its easy setup capabilities and end-user experience are changing the way instructors and students engage and learn. YouBthere helps students to better focus on their subject matter via their preferred smart devices.
Simplifying Learning with Comprehensive Solutions
YouBthere’s core technology is a robust, digital student engagement (SE) solution that works in all three learning environments:  classroom, synchronized and asynchronous online courses. Team YouBthere’s exclusive approach allows them to combine many applications into one simple software solution which is fully integrated in real time within a schools Learning Management System (LMS). YouBthere’s proactive approach addresses the need to match relevant digital technology with the changing learning landscape in a student’s educational journey.
Architect behind YouBthere
Christopher Revord is the Founder and CEO of YouBthere. Like most CEO’s, Mr. Revord is responsible for managing the overall direction and execution of the company’s domestic and international business plans. Prior to YouBthere, Christopher has been a Managing Partner at Chicago Research & Trading, Managing Director at Bank of America and President of Paragon Global Capital, LLC. His previous financial sector experience in building relevant software and profit centers has proven to be extremely helpful in guiding YouBthere’s overall development and direction.
“I believe we have raised the bar of what educational institutions should expect from digital technologies. Even today the fact that the majority of institutions only use a polling feature, or nothing at all suggests that there needs to be a more exploratory approach to evaluating new and relevant digital technologies. The preferred method of pilot trials is certainly understandable, but there also needs to be an easier and quicker process to test and implement software than most institutions support at this time,” said Mr. Revord.
Limitations of Conventional Education System
Educational institutions that do not adopt new digital technologies to resolve pending issues or feel that they can wait will be left far behind by their competitors who do. The competitive landscape for higher education schools is heating up to keep and attract new students. Students research universities that will help them succeed prior to committing. With tuition fees approaching six figures on a yearly basis, students want to feel that there is a process in place to help derive a successful outcome.
Technologically filling the Potential Holes in the current Educational System
Through the use of YouBthere’s adaptive features, their software can increase participation and create a better-connected experience regardless of course implementation method. Their path provides something for everyone, including increased engagement and communication for students, easier implementation of course materials for instructors, and real-time measurement of student comprehension and progress. In addition, administrators can save money by combining their multitude of features into one single digital solution.
“Our unique and exclusive approach lies in our ability to create new and meaningful features and to provide those new features in all three learning environments. By design, we developed a software that is flexible with very few limitations. When institutions begin to realize that their current solution is boxed-in and incapable of expanding as the schools need change, it is a watershed moment. Digital solutions should be evaluated not only for a school’s present needs but also for their future needs as well,” says Christopher about their technological approach and distinctive strategies.
Dealing Successfully with Problems
Currently, there are many issues and trends that are shaping the educational sector. The main issues YouBthere is trying to positively impact include: the need for increased engagement within a digital learning setting, meeting or exceeding standards set by accreditation agencies for state and federal funding, institutional budgetary concerns and the increasing rise of hybrid learning programs.
YouBthere addresses these concerns by providing an affordable, robust interactive digital student engagement software to be used for today’s higher education students that doesn’t ignore the needs of blended learning students. Team YouBthere recognized this growing hybrid trend and created YouBthere to enable instructors and students to use one single software solution instead of three or more applications.
All higher education institutions need to engage students as this universal and heavily researched component is directly tied to successful educational outcomes.  YouBthere’s digital solution provides 15 adaptive learning features, including learning analytics, synchronized digital materials and interactive discussion boards, all at a significant cost-savings.
Overcoming Challenges with Distinctive Solutions and Strategies
For all new educational software companies entering this sector, two main challenges exist:  First, the educational institution’s long evaluation process of new technologies needs to be shortened and secondly, an LMS’s heavy reliance on pre-existing relationships narrows an institutions’ exposure to new ideas. These hurdles create an unnecessarily long sales-cycle and ultimately reward the wrong entities.
To directly combat these ongoing hurdles, Team YouBthere continues to build game-changing new features or elements that cannot be replicated outside their software. YouBthere provides 13 more features at a tremendous cost-savings.
Christopher’s Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
Christopher expressed his suggestions to the young entrepreneurs entering the Education Technology in two-fold;
“First, entrepreneurs should plan for a long sales cycle. Secondly, it’s important for new companies to know the hurdles within this sector. Here are three external factors that need to be acknowledged and hopefully changed to help new education technology companies penetrate this sector and equally important entice continued education technology investment. They are:

  • LMS companies need to embrace new technology companies for their relevancy and for the problem(s) they resolve, not focus exclusively on the number of current users.
  • Institutional LMS administrators and instructional designers need to embrace new solution providers.
  • Educational institutions need to find a way to shorten their edtech evaluation and implementation process.

Recognizing these external factors up-front can help shape your company’s approach and in-addition hopefully help avoid early pitfalls when trying to gain traction.”
Future Plans
YouBthere will continue to add new features that will improve or enhance the everyday learning experience. YouBthere will focus on the need to improve the long-ignored asynchronous learning environment but will serve the changing needs of educational institutions as well.
“Acknowledging sector-specific challenges help shape our product, we are excited about the role our technology will play in the future of higher education,” says Christopher.
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