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Vangelis Mihalopoulos, Co-founder & CEO, Yodeck

Yodeck: Offering Professional Digital Signage for Everyone at an Unbeatable Price

The transformational shift from static signs to digital signage has become more and more significant in catching the eye of potential customers. The leading companies in digital signage are continuously innovating and improving technologies to offer an interactive experience. Yodeck is one such company in the industry that provides all-in-one Digital Signage for dynamic screen-management to power your screens with any content or widgets.
Yodeck is a complete cloud service company that helps everyone display engaging media, such as images and videos, on one or multiple TVs, so brands can effectively connect and communicate with the people that matter the most to them. They provide an option of adding one Player to each TV screen, connecting it to the Internet, and then you can manage your content centrally and remotely through their online platform, no matter where you are.
At the helm of Yodeck is Vangelis Mihalopoulos. As the Co-founder & CEO, he leads an exceptional team that is turning as the No.1 Digital Signage cloud platform around the globe.
The Journey to the Top
Yodeck started its journey back in 2015, and within 6 years, it became one of the fastest-growing companies in the digital signage sector. It has now grown from a small operation to a 32+ strong team and has more than 6,000 customers and 320 partners, with 15,000 active accounts across 135 countries.
Leading brands like Ford, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Adobe are among the companies that trust Yodeck for their digital signage solutions. Its mission has always been to provide its clients with a high-quality software product and the best possible customer experience at a very affordable price. With digital needs rising more and more every day, its goal is to make digital signage available to any business, regardless of its size. What makes Yodeck stand out can be summed up in three basic principles: professionalism, affordability, and ease of use.
Unmatched Offerings
Yodeck strives to provide innovative solutions while respecting each business’ uniqueness and needs. The company offers an intuitive platform that everyone can use, and it’s easily scalable. It wants to make it straightforward for all its clients to create great content, even if they don’t have an in-house designer. That’s why it provides free professionally designed screen layout templates that people can customize with their own branding or images. If a business doesn’t have the right photos or videos to hand, they can choose media from Yodeck’s stock media galleries. It offers enterprise-grade security that aligns with big corporations’ strategies, as it’s one of Yodeck’s priorities.
Why Yodeck?
The answer is simple. Its recipe for success includes incredibly user-friendly and robust hardware and a total remote screen management system that allows customers to remotely manage and update their screens across multiple locations.
On top of that, Yodeck offers state-of-the-art security for digital signage, and it is one of the very few companies in the field that are ISO 27001 and 9001 certified. Additionally, they offer pricing plans that are accessible to all types of businesses and organizations.
Aligning Technology for Digital Transformation
Vangelis states that many organizations these days consider or choose to pursue a Digital
Transformation. For Yodeck, the primary keys to this are communication and feedback. Besides, digital signage is all about communication between its clients and their customers from one point of view. It is a solid example of how technology can become valuable to businesses of any service.
Currently, along with the automation of Yodeck’s existing internal processes and ways of working, the company aims to enable its clients to succeed in their business transformation. That’s why, as an organization, Yodeck is willfully open to communicating with its users and receiving their feedback to improve its service and facilitate successful business transformations.
Value-Driven Approach
Vangelis highlights that, from its inception, of Yodeck has built relationships with its employees and clients based on honesty, transparency, and respect. He adds that Yodeck is all about its people, clients, partners, and team.
By fostering a great working environment with a personal training budget, foreign language lessons, and opportunities to meet with a personal nutritionist and take yoga lessons, the company helps its teams bond and attract top professionals. This way, Yodeck can give its clients a stellar product while looking for new, innovative ideas to improve its service every day.
Yodeck’s team is always happy when their clients tell them that they love their services, which is why the company receives many 5-star reviews. One of their greatest values is giving back to the community, especially during these challenging times. Yodeck is trying to support whoever might need help, but this is a topic that the company keeps to itself, as Vangelis strongly believes it’s a case of casting your bread upon the waters.
Post-Pandemic Digital Signage
Vangelis says, “At Yodeck, we truly believe that Digital Signage can and will become a useful ally when it comes to the post-COVID-19 world, even now that all stores are reopening. To better understand the impact of Digital Signs, we ran a survey, and it turned out that Covid-19 Safety Signs Spur 28% Jump in Compliance.
Yodeck doubled its company headcount and introduced a work from policy simultaneously. It focused on helping the healthcare industry or any other business that displayed Covid safety signs by offering its services free of charge for the duration of the pandemic.
Yodeck also created several free Covid related digital signage templates, ready to be used by their clients; to help them streamline the work process.
Contributions to the Community
Vangelis expresses that Yodeck wants to support the community in any way possible, especially during these difficult times. It has donated to health organizations for COVID-19. At the same time, it offered a 20% discount to NGOs and educational institutions, and sponsored educational conferences, providing the digital signage for all the screens set up in the venues.
Ambitious Future
Yodeck’s first aspiration is to remain a digital signage software industry leader and provide an excellent experience for its customers. Personally, Vangelis’s goals are to invest even more in human capital, attract highly skilled employees, and offer them a great working environment where people can grow professionally and build meaningful relationships with one another.
Yodeck wants to develop new innovative digital signage add-on services, like AI, touch-screen signage and more. Specifically, it is actively working on an audience analytics platform, which means that customers can get detailed reports on the viewer by using a simple camera. At the same time, the content displayed on the screen can be tailored to each viewer, all based on estimated age and sex.
Yodeck believes this would offer companies a way of communicating and crafting more targeted messages and, therefore, more useful content for viewers. Vangelis thinks it’s a win-win for both parties. Of course, privacy and data protection are of utmost importance to the company, which will be an essential part of the product.