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Yealink Launches T5 Smart Media Phone Series

Xiamen, China – April xx, 2017 – Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, announced today the release of the company’s T5 Smart Media Phone series. The series, which includes the T56A, T58A and T58V, will be available globally for channel distribution and sales on April 20.
Yealink’s T5 Smart Media Phone series provides an all-in-one solution for business of all sizes. Designed for today’s busy executives and professionals in various vertical markets, the series features an industry-unique design, high-definition audio and video quality, the Android operating system, and a range of robust features. The T5 Smart Media Phone series is particularly beneficial for users who need access to specific and customizable apps.
Industry-Unique Design
The exterior design of the series highlights user-friendliness and flexibility. With a heads-up LCD touch screen, the Yealink T5 Smart Media Phone series offers instant one-touch access to screen info. Moreover, the T58A and T58V feature an adjustable screen and camera that accommodate the user’s preference for a desired angle and height.
Immersive Video and Audio Experience
Thanks to enhanced HD Voice, Opus codec support and the latest in sound-processing technology, the phones provide users with clear and immersive conversations. The HD camera and high-resolution seven-inch screen guarantee users a vivid visual experience. All these features come together to create life-like video calls.
Android Operating System
Based on a Yealink-customized version of Android 5.1.1, the T5 Smart Media Phones feature a built-in browser and the option for third-party app installation, allowing for greater customization and convenience to satisfy diverse user demands.
Additional Strengths
The T5 Smart Media Phone series improves productivity and reduces IT administrator workloads thanks to a wide range of extra features: up to 16 SIP accounts, dual port GigE, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB headset and color-screen expansion support.
“The T5 Smart Media Phones series is an innovative solution that offers greater convenience and flexibility for today’s professionals,” said Stone Lu, Vice President of Yealink. “We’re confident that these phones align well with our customers’ cost and functionality needs.”