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Xilinx’s to Provide Amazon with its latest FPGA

Amazon’s latest decision to offer its customer with Xlinix services brings them to use FPGA rather than GPU. Xlinix being the biggest provider of FPGA technology, this news might be a significant development for them. Microsoft is also started using FPGA unlike their previous ventures which are complex data analysis tools, Deep Neural Networks (DNN).
With increasing demand for their customer’s related to high speed and reliable performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) operates on the super-fast accelerators which help while meeting the demands of customers. The FPGA is designed to provide almost as much as ten times the performance capabilities of a powerful processor unit. AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services is the largest provider of cloud infrastructure and cloud related services.
Amazon’s deal with Xlinix makes them the very first user of Xilinx services even though Microsoft earlier made this deal. They have not been able to provide these services to their customers on their Azure platform. Development of customer based servers, is on fast track. Their offering includes F1 Elastic Cloud instances, along with eight 16nmXilink Ultrascale+ FGPAs for each instance. It has been considered as a developer’s platform, this will bring about much required limelight on the FPGA community.
With these latest developments, Xilinx has played masterstroke, leaving behind their competitor such as Altera. Altera has been recently acquired by Intel. Interestingly, Intel has announced that they will be using FPGA technology in almost one third of cloud services. These major developments can be beneficiary for the Xilinx. Xilinx has been developing its FPGA with advanced technology, which made them overcome disadvantage Altera offered.
It can be safely said, Xilinx has been years ahead of its opponent, with its advanced FPGA technology, Xilinx has great future propects.