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Xerafy: A Global Provider of Passive RFID Metal Tags

First to introduce several game-changing technologies such as Embeddable Tags, Printable On-Metal Labels, and the world’s smallest tags that today are used for tracking assets, Xerafy Ltd. is continuously investing heavily in R&D to evolve with the changing landscape of technology and customer needs. Xerafy is working closely with the clients and the hardware, software, and integration partners to create solutions tailored to the customers’ industries and unique needs.
Xerafy RFID tags have been the top choice for many organizations for IT asset tracking and they have successfully deployed RFID for data centers across Intel, CISCO, Huawei, and many others. RFID has enabled them to achieve real-time asset visibility quickly and easily, improve inventory management efficiency, increase regulatory compliance/adherence, and better management asset service agreements through improved maintenance and lifecycle tracking.
Overall, data centers have seen approximately 15-times increase in inventory productivity and have reduced the labor as well as reducing time from entire inventory process by 80% to 90% by automating with RFID. This also includes goods ordering and receiving to goods removal and destruction. Server disk hard drives when decommissioned are assigned RFID tags for identification throughout the process, providing real time visibility to ensure drives have gone through all processes of decommissioning and do not pose a threat of accidentally leaving the facility and causing a security breach.
Offering High Performance, Reliable Solutions
Xerafy provides high performance, reliable RFID solutions for on-metal applications in challenging environments. Their data center solutions are an extension of their mission to provide highly accurate automatic identification solutions for industries where manual tracking creates inefficiencies, and where traditional RFID applications struggle to manage assets using traditional identification systems such as barcode and manual processes.
The metallic-rich nature of a data center (metal server racks and cases) poses a challenge to the physics of RFID. Metal has a tendency to interfere with the RF signal. Xerafy solves the challenge by offering RFID tags that are not only rugged enough to survive the day-in-day-out shuffle of servers from one location to another, but also provide performance that is not hindered by the presence of metal. Additionally, the small form factor of Xerafy’s RFID tags has allowed it to be able to tag all types of servers and small IT assets, which have a limited amount of tag real-estate on an already crowded, sever faceplate and chassis.
Xerafy’s popular RFID tags for data center applications and deployments include:
Slim Trak – A versatile, low profile, global frequency RFID metal tag ideal for asset management for both indoor and outdoor use.
Dash XXS – The world’s smallest RFID metal tag — the size of a grain of rice — for tracking very small metal assets with superior read performances.
Data Trak II – Cost-effective RFID tag specifically designed for data center solutions that can be read both on- and off-metal.
Metal Skin smart-labels – The world’s first, thin, flexible and printable family of patented metal labels that work on metallic and non-metallic assets.
Pico-on Plus – This flagship product is one of the most popular RFID tags in the IT asset management market due to its outstanding size-to-performance ratio.
Dennis Khoo, Brain behind Xerafy
Dennis Khoo founded Xerafy Ltd. in 2010, and serves as the company’s CEO. A veteran in the smartcard and RFID space, he brings with him more than 20 years of senior management, regional sales and business operation experience to help steer the company toward its mission of being the industry leader in read-on-metal tags and providing its global customers with affordable, high performance tags with the smallest form factor yet.
Mr. Khoo, a Singaporean, graduated from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at the National University of Singapore, and has lived and worked for more than 20 years in Hong Kong and China. He was responsible for the success of many new businesses’ set up and growth including Motorola, Schlumberger and Inside Contactless throughout his career. He served as Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Asia/Pacific for INSIDE Secure (also known as Inside Technologies). Previously, he worked as Sales Director for Motorola’s Worldwide Smart Card Solutions Division for Asia Pacific, based out of Singapore, and as Sales Director, North Asia, for Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals, based in Hong Kong.
Future in the Offing
At Xerafy, they believe in technological innovation which allows them to challenge the boundaries of what is available and viable for providing greater safety, traceability and efficiencies to the industries.
Mr. Khoo says, “We are excited about the unlimited potential of RFID to expand the ways to capture data and to strengthen its role in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, as our technology provides the foundation for connecting all type of assets to the network, regardless of the environment in which those assets reside.”