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Xcel Energy Launches Energy Scam Awareness Program in U.S.

More than 100 institutions related to electric, water and gas utilities from U.S. and Canada have gathered to raise awareness about energy scams in the country where the customer is the prime target. Xcel Energy, a utility company from America is behind this acknowledgeable initiative.

The number of energy scams is increasing in corresponding countries hence all utility customers must recognize red flags regarding utility consumption. There are some signs which can hint the utility scam presence. Most of the times, consumers receive a call from a scammer as a utility company. Typically, they try to threaten you about immediate utility cut out. There are some signs to recognize the scams, some of them are mentioned below:
Disconnection Threat: Utility companies never cut off the service with immediate effect. Initially they will give you a notice period and if you respond lately then the company takes action. However a scammer threatens you about immediate cut off – usually within an hour.
Immediate Payment Request: The customer is suggested to buy a prepaid card from a common store and they instruct customers about payment process for the utility bill using prepaid card.
Request for Prepaid Card or Credit Card Details: Consumer is told to share his/her card details like his/her card number, expiry date on card etc. If consumer hesitates to do so; scammer threatens about the immediate disconnection. The consumer’s card details grant easy access to his/her bank account and funds which can be misused easily.
Xcel Company is suggesting to consumer about not giving any of the bank details to any correspondence through phone, email or text message. Company is advising to avoid the card payments. Utility company never sends a single notice regarding immediate utility service disconnection; scammers usually refer to within hour disconnection instead. The threat is increasing restlessly so consumers must be educated about this hence the initiative is quite applaudable. Xcel Energy Customer Service number is 1-800-895-4999. Scam Victim consumers can call on provided helpline number 911.

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