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WTS Positioning Solutions

WTS Positioning Solutions – Providing Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions for Enterprise and Individual

GPS tracking systems are prevalent in industries like e-commerce and transportation for reducing operational costs and improve their productivity and efficiency. With the introduction of new and advanced technologies, there is greater possibility of tracking everything that is valuable or is instrumental to generate valuable information. Companies like WTS Positioning Solutions have pioneered GPS trackers for personal safety and security purpose as well.
Personalized Tracking for Anything Anywhere
WTS is technologically the most advanced real-time GPS tracking company and a pioneer in the field, leading the market with products backed by latest technologies. WTS Positioning Solutions is popular for its Trax Smart GPS, a personal tracking device for kids and pets that has established itself as a leading brand in personal GPS tracking. Over the past few years, the company has expanded its scope in line with general technological developments, to cover tracking for a different type of asset classes and established itself as a positioning solution provider to enterprises too.
It has developed solutions to cover various needs such as transportation and logistics, for lone workers, for commercial drone fleet management purposes. Its services have been used within the healthcare and special need care sector and even for sports events. For these enterprises, the company delivers solutions with software and hardware customizations tailored to their specific needs.
The company’s trackers are one of the most technologically advanced GPS trackers on the market. Trax G+ is one of the latest generations of products. WTS is the first company that has made 4G commercially available tracking devices. These devices support the new technology with 4G LTE CAT M1 standard, which is the first of its kind in the world.
Veteran Entrepreneurial Leadership
Michel Bracké is the CEO of the company, joining the WTS team in 2016. He immediately switched the focus of business to B2B solutions and to the introduction of the latest IoT technologies.
Being a Harvard Business School Alumni, he is a veteran business professional and management executive with a long corporate and entrepreneurial background in consumer products. With the experience of nearly twenty-five years, his specialties are within the telecom, consumer electronics industry. He has handled various functions ranging from marketing, sales, and distribution to manufacturing and supply chain management. Besides IoT and telecommunication, his passion for healthy lifestyles also translates into several projects within the cycling industry.
Advanced Solutions for Rising Demands
Enterprises are already starting to embrace these opportunities. There is a wave of products and services based on GPS or other tracking technologies. The increasing acceptance of GPS, WTS has built a flexible technology platform on top of the hardware technology that allows for customization. It offers flexible solutions adapted to specific needs of customers.
Company work with high-security surveillance projects and have developed custom solutions. Its products are updated to advanced technology and are used in logistic companies working with time-based invoicing at specific locations, sports equipment manufacturers, and health care providers.
Customized Solutions for Specific Demands
WTS has several unique features in its tracking apps, such as built-in Augmented Reality. It offers flexible and customized solutions towards enterprise customers. It has web-hosting, data, SW, map tiles, and other services. A unique set of accessories are equally available to end users and soon to be introduced services are available for customization for the individuals.
The original idea for Trax was to help parents keep track of their beloved small kids, as well as pets. Technology started to allow for smaller devices and applications on the market, innovative solutions to cover individual needs, and gradually opened up both the consumer and the enterprise market.
The Approach towards Emerging Technologies
WTS follows the developments closely and makes its choices based on the anticipated penetration of a technology. Every technology has to be weighed in terms of penetration, use case and how it fits with the core product offering. Hence the 4G LTE CAT M1 is the choice made by the company for short-term future technology. The new technological developments pose challenges to manufacturers, as the market is becoming very fragmented and probably will remain like that for a while.
Expected Future Plans
The GPS industry is growing at a fast pace and is forecasted to be worth 95 Billion USD over the next few years. Therefore the flexibility and customization are going to be key strategies for any major player on the market. Technological advancements are creating such circumstances for a near future where everything valuable will be tracked. There are various applications being used at an enterprise or personal level when it comes to tracking.
WTS is capable to deliver at scale, on complex specific needs, and will be a reliable partner for major names in various industries. The company has been working enormously for past few years in building a flexible platform for quick and easy custom implementations and it is quite confident that these efforts will pay off fully.