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WSG Systems Corp: Better Professional Resource & Project Management Software

Over 30 years ago, WSG Systems Corp began as a custom software development shop. Back then, WSG specifically targeted the professional services industry, with its extensive subject knowledge and the need for improvements on both the operational and financial fronts. The products offered by the company were a natural extension of this knowledge and market needs which allowed its customers to grow their businesses and improve profitability. Fast forward to the present, as the NYC-based software company strives to help companies and professionals increase their productivity, profitability, and efficiency through the use of its award-winning software platform – Empire SUITE.
Hammering the Nails of Success to Build an Empire
The Empire SUITE, WSG’s flagship product, is designed and engineered to give project and financial managers the required tools to manage their projects, and the information to deliver a successful and profitable outcome. It is a modular cloud-based project and resource management solution designed to help project managers and consultants. Empire SUITE maximizes the profitability and success rate through employee management, expense management, and resource scheduling. It is the only cloud-based project and resource management solution with a financial perspective that possesses the distinct ability to track time, budget and resources in real-time. Empire SUITE’s depth of information and ease of implementation, as well as its user-friendly interface and mobile access feature for on-the-go data input, allows it to replace or complement some of the world’s most popular software packages.
When There’s a Crack; Light is Bound to Pass Through
After some initial engagements with various PSA organizations back in the day, WSG identified many loopholes in the existing offerings of the providers. Among them, the biggest gap identified in the PSA space was the lack of financial perspective available within the systems. Suddenly, the ability to have predictive capability rather than just backward-looking metrics became as important as the ability to handle the complex accounting requisites.
WSG’s customers soon realized they could potentially see where the problems were going to transpire from, instead of simply recognizing from where they had occurred. Since then, whether it is resource scheduling or revenue sharing or even time tracking, WSG’s distinctive methodology has proven invaluable for its clients and continues to help them drastically improve their project-related business practices while growing their businesses.
Focusing on the Outcome, Not the Obstacle
Like any other organization, WSG faced some of the usual business challenges like cash flow, name recognition, growing pains, etc. in the early years. It entered into a market space that had some very large and well-established competitors; including some of the largest software companies in the world.
Whether it is WSG’s shift from a customer development shop to a packaged software provider or its most recent movement to the cloud, the company faced various challenges along the way but overcame them and succeeded with an impressive client roster showing their trusted space in this industry. The company prides itself on its job of making people aware of the different alternatives and more efficient ways of running their businesses.
A Trusted Leader with a Strong Vision but Flexible Methodology
Bill Cornfield, President of WSG, has been the driving force of the business from a strategic perspective since day one. Being a Certified Public Accountant, Bill had spent most of his career in the professional services industry and banking. He worked in software development for a large bank and began to think how his software knowledge could benefit other areas. And it then he initially envisioned the opportunity to focus on delivering a better solution for professional service organizations.
At WSG, Bill shoulders the responsibility for driving product direction and the continuing evolution of the platform. He formulates strong relationships with various prospects, clients and the industries WSG serves and has established himself as a trusted advisor with clients and partners.
Standing Out from the Crowd Instead of Standing Among the Crowd
WSG understands the PSA space and differentiates itself from others in the market with its broad range of product offerings. It has a robust yet easy-to-use system with a technically sound platform. With its dedicated focus on its clients and financial perspective, the company serves its customers unlike any of its industry contemporaries. WSG also offers just one version of Empire SUITE for all its customers worldwide, thereby eliminating any confusion about licensing models and options and simplifying upgrades. With almost 1,000 configuration options, Empire SUITE users find it a lot easier to stay current, add new functionality, deploy and upgrade from a common core platform rather than customizing a new software build; saving both time and money in the process.
Embracing the Industry Changes
WSG embraces and supports all the evolving changes and demands ongoing or arising in the industry. Its support for AI is imminent, as WSG moves to an automated workflow and resource scheduling optimization. By using predictive analytics, the company is already helping its clients reap the advantages of Big Data, enabling them to make better business decisions as a result. WSG is also ensuring that its mobile solutions continue to evolve, thereby meeting the needs of the workforce on the go. The company takes it upon themselves to help minimize friction for the simplest yet the most important tasks, like time-reporting and resource scheduling.

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