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Writers Rejoice: Three Essential Tools for Writers

Essential Tools for Writers

Writing is a way for many people to express themselves. It can be an outlet to some who are more expressive with words than with emotions or actions. Writing can definitely earn you a lot with practice and experience, which is why many people have also pursued it as their career.
With writing, you need to have a good vocabulary and a way with words to produce something well-written. But aside from that, some tools are also worth looking into. A bit of help never hurts, right? And with the help of some tools, you will make the best-written output much easier and faster! In this article, we’ll be sharing with you three essential tools to help you with your writing. Want to find out more? Then keep on reading.

Word to PDF Converter from PDFBear

You’ll be writing a lot of Word documents as a writer obviously. And you’ll be submitting these documents to your client, colleague, or supervisor. But the problem with Word files is that they’re not the easiest to access by everyone. This is because Word files change their formatting and overall look of the document when opened on a different Word processor. Whether it’s a computer, Smartphone, or tablet, there will be different Word processors on different devices.
Sometimes, you may even have to download a pair app or extension to read or access the Word file. This can be a hassle to the recipient of the file. Making things easier for the recipient will not only make you more professional but can also help you get a better reputation as a writer. Using a Word to PDF converter is the best solution. We highly recommend PDFBear for doing conversions. It’s an awesome online tool that saves you a lot of hassle.


You can say that your grammar is already good, but you can make it better with a bit of help from Grammarly. Apart from just correcting your grammar, Grammarly helps you with your sentence construction. When writing articles for websites, it’s always better that your written work is easily readable. Good readability will not only make your written outputs easy to read, but it can also attract more readers. This nifty tool gives you suggestions to help make your writings even better! You’ll get word and phrase suggestions which makes your written output more read-worthy.


Gathering information from various sources is essential in making a written output that’s reliable. But sometimes, when you write something based on various sources, you may end up writing the same thing from the source. Plagiarism is one of the biggest crimes you can commit as a writer because you’re basically stealing from another writer. So, after you’ve finished writing, have it checked by Duplichecker to make sure that your work is totally original. Do note that this tool can only check a thousand words at a time. So, you can cut your written output into parts to have it checked.

Write on, write on!

And there you have it, three essential tools for better writing. Anyone can be a writer, actually. But it takes a lot of passion and practice to be a good one. With these three tools, you can improve your writings and be more worthy of being published. Writing is something that takes time and effort, you don’t want your hard work going to waste just because it isn’t the best you can put out there.
Whenever you write, use these tools to help you make your writings the best that they can be. In time, you’ll be able to improve more. You can’t say that you’re already the best writer, because even the best can be made better. Always be open to learning more and improving, because once you stop learning, that’s also the time when you stunt your growth. This applies not only to writing but to everything you do in life. You must always leave room to make yourself better.
With writing, there are so many rules and so many words you can still use. When you keep making yourself better, you won’t just make your client, colleague, or supervisor happy, but you’ll also make yourself proud of how much you’ve learned along the way. We hope our article helps you out. So, go on, keep writing!

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