Work From Home” Essentials to Boost Productivity

Work From Home

The pandemic has made ‘work from home’ a way of life. Seeing the spike in productivity resulting from working from home, several organizations are resorting to this option as their primary precautionary measure.

Working from home constantly needs self-motivation and a good office set up helps in motivating oneself to work.

You are accountable for your productivity, and creating a designated workspace can assist your brain to remind you that you’re in the place where you do work productively. To get secure remote flexible jobs join an academy like Remote Rebellion and take the right steps towards a better work-life balance.

When setting up your work space in your home, it is critical that you step back and assess as to what your home office should look like. Organizing and planning are crucial when working from home. You need the best combination of efficiency and effectiveness into productivity.

If you’re on a mission to create the home office of your dreams, here are a few work from home essentials that you will need:

Desk: A simple and minimalistic home desk with ample room to set up desk essentials is key. Your desk will be your primary workspace. You may choose a traditional wooden, glass top or steel desk with storage or a standing desk with an adjustable table top for a healthier, less-sedentary option. Make sure you keep your desk uncluttered for the most productive work environment.

Computer Stand: A computer stand is essential and makes a big difference if you are working for long hours. It’s inexpensive, helps you get a better viewing angle and keeps your machine from overheating.

Office Chair: Invest is an ergonomic office chair. This is non-negotiable. You can select some of the best office chairs in India that suits your body. You can check out chairs that swivel 360 degrees, and has casters to move quickly for more access. These chairs are an excellent options for posture problems because of their massive lumbar support they provide. Pay attention to ergonomics when picking an office chair.

Laptop: With many people working remotely and wanting something portable to use, laptops have become indispensable. A smart and reliable laptop is the most critical element of working from home. For optimum efficiency, you can avail of the best compact laptops under Rs 60,000 for working from home.

Big Screen Monitor: Another option is mounting a dedicated monitor for a proper home desk setup. You can amplify your efficiency with your laptop and a large monitor adjacent to it to take advantage of a dual-screen setup at home.

Speakers: Conference calls or meeting over a voice call or video call will be a regular part of your day when you work from home – for this reason, speakers are very important. Make sure they are the kind that can easily connect to your smartphone or laptop and are portable. You can check their compatibility by reading from the user manual, which you can find and download for free on

Headphones: If you have to do regular video calls with your colleagues while working from home, and you have other members who will be using the space as well, a pair of good quality, noise cancellation headphones with a microphone is essential. It will help you do your calls, but also ensure that everyone hears you loud and clear.

Virtual Assistant: Using virtual office assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant come handy while working from home. They professionally assist you and can be quiet helpful in official video calls or video conferencing, research, conference calls, to-do lists, etc. The utilities of these smart devices in a working space are endless.

Internet Connection: Work from home demands high-speed, reliable connectivity with proper equipment and wiring to connect a network router, email server, and telephone or VoIP service from Avoid damaging electrical disturbances with surge protectors.

If your home experiences frequent power-cuts, you may also want to consider installing a back-up generator. There’s nothing worse than working from home with a disturbing internet connection and interrupted electrical supply.
Your home office can be personalized according to your likings with endless possibilities. You can pick your choice of colour, décor and artwork. Sticking to neutral colours and a minimalistic environment will promote creativity and smooth-flowing thinking.

Other important details include light course and accessories to make the space comfortable, yet non-distracting. Did you know that a naturally lit space encourages productivity than an artificially lit one. Natural light during different parts of the day has been shown to increase concentration and focus.
Adding some artwork, accessories, live plants or greenery to soften your environment and provide extra health benefits. Studies have shown that indoor plants clean the air by absorbing toxins, increase humidity and produce oxygen.

Just keep in mind that, that when planning to set up a home office, think about the things you need to be productive, when working from home. Start with big items, such as your work desk, your chair and laptop, and then add the accessories.

About the Author: Caleb David is a digital content strategist at whose core job is to help the team in creating and executing the content strategies. When not working, Caleb prefers to go for a long drive or play video games and sip a cup of coffee.

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