You are currently viewing WonderBi: Empowering Business Users by Delivering Extensive Business Insights on Mobile

WonderBi: Empowering Business Users by Delivering Extensive Business Insights on Mobile

Anything that can be measured can be managed, and responsible business executives are on a constant lookout for business insights to make smarter decisions. But limited with only conventional means to examine and analyze data, the entire process gets lagged, becomes inefficient and attracts lots of hurdles. This is where Big Data analytics plays its role; it helps organizations to examine large amounts of data to unravel hidden opportunities and identify valuable insights. Just as computers radically shook the business landscape with its emergence in the corporate environment, Big Data also brings itself a fundamental technological change. One company which has realized the potential of this sector and is harnessing Big Data to provide adequate solutions to companies is WonderBi. Being a Mobile First interactive data analytics solution provider company, WonderBi empowers the user by providing them with the capability to interact with data in the most engaging way.
WonderBi was formed with the idea of delivering business insights that can help business users to make smart decisions ‘in the moment’, irrespective of where they are. Designed in the most humane way possible that doesn’t require great skills for usage and implementation, WonderBi’s solutions can be used by businesses of all sizes. With the help of its solutions, business users begin to enjoy data analytics on mobile devices, resulting in better decision-making, enhanced productivity, and eventual business growth. Typically, businesses can leverage the power of WonderBi for sales, production, inventory, logistics, finance, and HR related analytical needs.
Turning Data into Information and Information into Insights
In today’s world of rapid technological advancements, businesses in every vertical are generating a huge amount of data from their business functioning. Whether it be sales opportunities or supply chain and logistics or social media inclination, the data generated is overflowing from all spectrums. It’s a known fact that earlier only a fraction of the data generated was put into use for effective decision making. But with the ongoing sequential transformation of the corporate sector, the needs of businesses have changed completely today. WonderBi is actively making this transformation happen by enabling data to be consumed and analyzed for effective ‘in the moment’ decision making, anywhere anytime. Their mobile first solution has the distinctive ability to take data from multiple sources, be it ERPs/CRMs or IoT solutions, and transform them into consumable and analyzable information on mobile devices in the most engaging and intuitive manner.
The Leader with a Voice, Not an Echo
Nikhil Gundale, Founder of WonderBi, is the visionary who led the company to what it is known as today. An MBA by education and an entrepreneur at heart, Nikhil has successfully managed responsibilities at various levels of corporate value chain. With over 17 years of experience within the technology domain creating high-impact solutions for businesses, it should come as no surprise that he possesses a wide list of achievements in his portfolio.
Formerly, Nikhil held the chair of Vice Presidency twice, at Lowe Lintas, said to be one of the largest media houses in the world, and StarTV, which is also one of the largest broadcasting networks across the globe. While working on various international assignments related to BI implementation, he realized that business users are not satisfied with the existing solutions available at the market. This prompted Nikhil to form WonderBi, which understood business requirements and delivered valuable data insights enabling them to make smarter decisions.
Delivering the Essentials and Rising Above the Rest
Big Data is truly the need of the hour in the current business landscape, but the ability to analyze using an effective tool by the business leaders and executives is of paramount importance. WonderBi breaks the shackles existing within the industry and shifts its focus on the business leaders and executives who can directly start engaging with data, wherever and whenever they need it.
It is also worth noting that the cost of implementing a business intelligence and analytics system is very high and demands huge technological expertise within the organization. Being a SaaS platform, WonderBi comes at a fractional cost as compared to any other business intelligence tools and can be implemented easily within a short period of time. They express the data analytics in a way that even the non-data science business users too can understand the information like a pro. Just like an addictive mobile game, it hooks the business users towards the data analytics and makes it an integral part of their daily business activities. With such a simple, easy to implement and cost-effective model, even the small businesses can adopt and leverage WonderBi’s sophisticated analytics solutions to yield tremendous opportunities in their respective businesses.
Turning Obstacles into Stepping Stones
Big Data has become a cliched term, and organizations have become disillusioned with the solutions that they have employed. This had an adverse impact on WonderBi’s initial days as it was an uphill task for them to convince that their solutions are different and can truly deliver ROI as may have been promised. They overcame this struggle by working as a partner to these businesses instead of just being a vendor. They started with the end goal in a quantifiable manner and assigned customer success manager who worked to ensure these goals were achieved. This gradually began to foster confidence among their customers, which eventually helped WonderBi to move forward towards a positive direction. It is due to their belief of using technology in a creative manner that has propelled them ahead of their contemporaries and has brought-forward immeasurable success at their table.
Willing to go an Extra Mile – As it is Never Crowded!
WonderBi has a hive of highly energetic and creative technologists and business experts, which they refer to them as “Wonder Bees”. As a process and habit, they keep on researching to find various ways in which data can be analyzed in a much simpler and engaging way on mobile and tablet devices.
WonderBi’s new introduction is primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence, named EVAA. Slated to be a big launch, it is an innovation that has never been experienced by business users before. The company is even planning to expand their business over to various parts of the world which include APAC, EMEA and North American markets.

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