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Women-Only Ridesharing Company, Safr, Opens Its Platform to Women Developers and Startups

BOSTON, MA – July 24, 2018 – Safr, a new ridesharing startup focused on women empowerment and creator of the smart transportation platform DEBRA, announces the opening of its platform to all women developers and those focused on startups to get a much-needed head start in the male-biased market places and business verticals.

Safr was built with the needs of women in mind and aims to improve the lives of women everywhere through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security.

With the opening of its platform, women focused startups and developers will now be able to establish their projects with limited effort while being able to grow at quicker pace by using the technology foundation provided by Safr. Safr’s move to open its platform to women entrepreneurs will help efforts to even the playing field for women by providing them the resources and head start they need most.

Safr CEO, Syed Gilani, says “opening up the Safr platform will help our partners to grow by leveraging our smart platform, DEBRA, and we plan to be an extension of lifestyle for women.”

98% of funded startups are founded by men, comparable to women, who are owners of only 38% of the U.S. businesses. This innovative movement will strive to empower fellow women startups and engineers to help build a ‘super app that becomes extension of lifestyle’ that can provide women every service through single platform.

About Safr

Safr is also aiming to economically empower women everywhere. Safr drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks in criminal and motor vehicle history, so their riders can have peace of mind knowing they meet the Safr standard. Safr’s in-ride security features make sure their riders arrive at their destination safely, or immediate assistance will be on the way. Their drivers are also paid more than the industry standard and are incentivized to provide best in-class service. Every time you ride with Safr, you are helping to empower a like-minded driver and support women, children, animals and communities.