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Wizdish: Delivering the Treadmill (the ROVR) that lets you Walk in Virtual Reality

Today we live in a world where technology is evolving at an amazingly rapid pace. Imagine if we can take the visions and ideas from our mind and make them real. Not only in our imagination, but also in virtual reality, and it is possible with the help of the AR and VR industry which will completely alter the way we see things. This technology is changing the way we exercise, buy clothes, interact on social media and visualize the world. These new realities are evolving and will make a significant impact in people’s everyday life.
Augmented and virtual realities are emerging technologies that have the potential to ease and improve various processes in industry and in our work life, and also disrupt a large number of consumer markets. VR/AR is not only being implemented in games but also in day-to-day life. It is interesting to imagine what engineers are capable of doing with this technology as there are no boundaries, and just such a group of engineers and innovative designers at Wizdish are transforming the virtual world and taking it to an entirely new level with their ROVR product.
The ROVR Can Transform VR Experiences
What if your PC/laptop had no mouse or trackpad? You’d find it difficult, wouldn’t you? Navigating VR worlds has a similar problem, but you (your whole body) are the navigation tool for VR; you are the “mouse roller-ball” and whereas a roller-ball on a Formica table or leg of jeans (mouse specifications – Steve Jobs) is great for computer mice, it’s a different proposition for real presence VR. Wizdish has gained a substantial international reputation in delivering VR locomotion technology and it is the Wizdish ROVR which acts as “the mouse” for a virtual navigation system. ROVR is a walking/running simulation platform allowing a person to move freely and intuitively in virtual reality.
Wizdish’s flagship product is the ROVR2 consisting of platform and kick-on overshoes shoes with support provided by a stainless steel frame that stops you from bumping into things or falling over. It is ideal for all ages and abilities and perfect for public shows, businesses, and homes.
The ROVR Bluetooth modules enable wireless virtual reality and pairs with; Gear VR, Google Pixel, and the several VR ready Daydream spec phones.
Group of Engineers who made a Dream Come True
Wizdish was formed as the first locomotion company for a new age of Virtual Reality under the leadership of Julian Williams, Founder, and CTO of the company. In 2001, Julian came up with an idea of simulated walking for a TV labyrinth game show and later he realized that virtual reality is coming and walking in VR would be essential for it to feel real.
After granting of a US patent in 2008, Wizdish was formed in 2009 and in early 2010 Charles King, CEO joined the team. Charles is a polymath technologist experienced in building startups, and leading teams with diverse skill sets to technical and financial success. Concentrating on early-stage business with innovative technologies David Bridgland, CFO, is a long-standing colleague of Charles in tech startups and in 2014 he joined Wizdish to develop the technologies to make ROVRs.
Opportunities and Challenges in the Process of Implementing VR
The ROVR2 is the smallest, lightest, easiest to use and most comfortable, omnidirectional treadmill, used by major Brands including; Nissan, Samsung, Wells Fargo, British Army, Dominator Yachts, Ove Arup and dozens of others in 30+ countries. Wizdish’s work with prominent Brand leaders has shown there are numerous opportunities in VR. The company continues to develop its applications responding to calls from healthcare rehabilitation and welfare, training and education and works with others in the field to deliver consumer and business-friendly VR solutions.
One of the challenges to building real presence VR experience is people’s often poor self-intuition. For this reason, Wizdish needed to develop a deep understanding of brain cues required for satisfying expectations in VR. The company focused on the best, most consumer-friendly means to deliver these cues for movement.
Standing Out In a High Tech World
The ROVR allows a person to move freely and intuitively without fear of collision in the real world and with this comes kinesthetic memory adding massively to the richness and strength of memory recall. Easily used by all ages and abilities ROVR VR has provided considerable improvements in user experience in experiential marketing, architectural visualizations, a motivation for exercise, serious and fun gaming, physical and mental healthcare, in fact, most VR fields of use.
“Why such interest? Because yes we drive, and yes we fly, but predominantly we explore our world and understand space, location, and orientation by walking” asserts Julian.
A Look into the Future
Wizdish’s goal is to have ROVRs in every street of every country. Already compatible with many VR games, Wizdish is working on interfacing ROVRs for further integration. The Wizdish ROVR requires no SDK, but just the inclusion of a few lines of code to integrate ROVRs in game content and the company is happy to work with developers to support the integration of ROVR code.
Wizdish were well ahead of the times with their ROVR VR locomotion platform and are ahead again with their Bluetooth module enabling freedom of movement with wireless virtual reality. Wizdish is continuing to innovate with patented solutions that distinguish the company from the crowded VR market.
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