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WiTuners: Providing Cost-Effective WLAN Software Suite for Optimal Performance

Since its inception, the world wide web has transformed virtually every aspect of human existence. Today, both individuals and organizations would find it extremely difficult to function without the internet. The invention of Wi-Fi has simplified internet access and users can literally work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi enabled device if a Wi-Fi network is available.
However, the WLAN deployment process is complicated, and a sub-optimally deployed WLAN can cause productivity bottle necks.
WiTuners was founded in 2011 to develop Wi-Fi optimization software that tunes business wireless networks virtually instantaneously. It enables enterprises and managed services providers to maximize WLAN capacity, performance and coverage while reducing the cost, complexity and risks of WLAN maintenance.
WiTuners brings to the market the only automated, real-time WLAN tuning solution that can accurately mimic real-world network behavior and conditions. With a more complete view of real-world WLAN, as compared to conventional planning, site survey or network management systems alone, WiTuners software solutions create optimized configurations which out-perform manual tuning, every time.  
WiTuners was recognized as one of the Top 10 WLAN Solution Providers of 2017 by Enterprise Networking, along with industry leaders like Aerohive, Ekahau and Extreme Networks. The recognition is based on an evaluation of WiTuners’s WLAN Optimization Software Suite which helps business Wi-Fi networks maintain peak performance levels at all times.
An Established Thought Leader
Luke Qian is the Founder of the WiTuners, Ltd., the U.S.-based Wi-Fi optimization solution provider that developed the WiTuners software suite.
Luke is a well known personality in the Wi-Fi industry – he has been granted more than 20 patents related to advanced Wi-Fi technology. He is also the key contributor to the popular Wi-Fi industry standard IEEE 802.11n. Luke invented several key components of Wi-Fi technology used in every high-throughput Wi-Fi device.
Luke’s book on Wireless Technology, ’Sharing RF Spectrum with Commodity Wireless Technologies: Theory and Practice’, is published by Springer and used as a text book in an Electrical Engineering course at Rice University called ’Wireless Networking for Under-Resourced Urban Communities’.
Luke has been involved in the Wi-Fi industry since its inception and has worked in leading industry organizations like AiroNet and Cisco.
Providing Trailblazing Solutions
WiTuners is a cost-effective software solution for managing large Wi-Fi networks. WiTuners’s Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technologies are the first to provide a complete solution for optimal Wi-Fi Planning, WLAN optimization, and automated real-time WLAN Audit.
The WiTuner software suite is built on WiTuners’s Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technologies. This unique all-in-one WLAN optimization software suite includes WiTuners Planner, WiTuners On-Demand, WiTuners Connected, WiTuners Dashboard, and WiTuners Mobile.
It focuses on optimal WLAN performance across the entire life cycle of a wireless network, from the launch of new WLANs with WLAN planning and Site Survey, to performance diagnostics, auditing and real-time performance tuning for existing business wireless networks.
Fully complimentary to all enterprise-level WLAN equipment and their respective network management software, WiTuners enables network administrators to easily, seamlessly, and continuously fine-tune and optimize network performance to improve WLAN network performance.
Thanks to WiTuners, organizations can significantly cut their WLAN deployment and maintenance costs while enjoying better WLAN performance.
Helping Organizations to Deploy WLAN Networks
The process of WLAN deployment planning, tuning and performance auditing is notoriously complex, time consuming and expensive because of the complex nature of Wi-Fi technologies. Sub-optimally deployed and maintained WLANs will soon be gone for good because the sheer number of access points, traffic from cellular networks, volume of data, and complexity of applications will result in an intolerable productivity bottleneck.
WiTuners provides a solution to address this ever-increasing demand. Its capability of optimal planning and ongoing automated true-performance based tuning clearly separates the company’s products from existing connectivity-based WLAN solutions.
Thanks to WiTuners’s software suite, business wireless networks can be tuned in seconds, WLAN maintenance is simpler than ever, and can adapt effortlessly when networks evolve and conditions change.
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