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Within the next two months, the Japanese Tech Giant Rakuten Intends to release a Proprietary AI model

Japan’s Rakuten is gearing up to enter the artificial intelligence (AI) arena by developing its own large language model (LLM), set to launch within the next two months, according to CEO Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani. The move follows a trend among major global tech firms, such as OpenAI, Amazon, and Google, in creating their own LLMs. Rakuten, with diverse businesses spanning banking, e-commerce, and telecommunications, holds a wealth of “very unique” data, which Mikitani believes sets them apart, allowing for effective training of the AI model.

Mikitani envisions leveraging the AI model internally to enhance operational efficiency and marketing by a substantial 20%. Beyond internal use, Rakuten aims to offer the LLM to third-party businesses, following the example of industry giants like Amazon and Microsoft. The goal is to provide a platform for external businesses to easily integrate and utilize the AI model for their specific needs.

Highlighting the company’s diverse data sets, Mikitani expressed confidence in Rakuten’s distinctive position in the AI landscape. While acknowledging that major US and Chinese tech firms have taken the lead in LLM development, he sees an opportunity for Japanese companies to catch up by creating models tailored to the Japanese language. Rakuten’s LLM initiative is part of a broader push into AI, with Mikitani anticipating “huge profitable growth” as the company delves into this transformative technology.

As the AI race continues globally, Rakuten’s strategic entry into the field reflects the broader trend of companies recognizing the potential of AI technologies and their applications across various industries. The success of Rakuten’s LLM venture could hinge on its ability to effectively harness its unique data resources and provide a versatile platform that appeals to both internal and external users, contributing to the company’s overall growth and competitive edge in the evolving tech landscape.

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