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Wireless Charging Technology – Inductive Power Transfer

With technology changing rapidly, new trends are being introduced in the market. The use of a high-power wireless charger technology is one of the emerging technologies that is boosting smartphone durability.
What is wireless charging technology?
Wireless charging technology is a technique which uses cordless charging approach. It’s a transfer of power between two devices with wireless charging technique. It improves the competence of a smartphone and energizes its performance. Charging without a physical connection seems to be a recent phenomenon, wherein it transfers power from point A to point B. Currently, there are more than 600 smartphones being charged wirelessly in the cellular market. Wireless charging technology allows a distinctive power supply solution.
Qi wireless charging technology,
Qi means “vital energy”, intangible flow of power, which uses its electromagnetic field to provide added power and energy from point A (transmitter) to B (receiver). Qi is the sign of interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers. The rapidly growing number of devices such as smartphones, speakers and camera etc. has incorporated Qi technology as a standard feature. Qi charger typically uses induction coil to create an electromagnetic field to connect with charging base station. Any compatible mobile up to 15W can be charged this way. All Qi receivers can work with all Qi transmitters, enabling its power stability.
Qi wireless technology provides portability charging. For charging, smartphone should support Qi wireless charging technology. There is charging pad with electromagnetic field to transfer power.
Three wireless charging standards,
There are three competing wireless charging standards groups focused on inductive and resonance charging specifications: The Alliance for Wireless Power, the Power Matters Alliance and the Wireless Power Consortium.
Electronic companies offering wireless charging technologies,
Google, Apple, Samsung and others are offering wireless charging technologies.  Apple iPhone X carries wireless charging technology that enables fast and power charging functionality. Apple has offered two types of wireless charging technology, namely stands and pads. Pad is a usable technique which gives fast charging mode at home. Stand is a suitable charging technique, which makes it easier to unlock phone with face ID. Samsung is offering stand wireless charging technology which provides high durability with fast charging technique.
Acquiring consumer trust and smartphone market,
Wireless charging technology holds intensive relationship with mobile industry and high engagement with smartphones. Wireless charging also builds consumer base as it offer significant usability of a smartphone. As a result, this unified functionality is now rapidly acquiring market and consumer engagement.