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Windows 10 Latest Build Repairs One of its Biggest Bugs

Windows 10 appearing with a whole new bunch of apps that you almost absolutely don’t wish for. Mail, for example, is a pretty crappy email client. Likewise, odds are high that you don’t care about Groove Music, given that Spotify is a thing.
Until recently, it was impossible to get rid of these not needed apps. They just sat there, unused and occupying space that could be used for other things. But an approaching update to Windows 10- build 14936- will permit you to uninstall them once and for all.
You can ditch Mail and Calendar, Calculator, Groove Music, Maps, and Weather. Unfortunately Alarm & Clock, Camera, Cortana, Messaging, and others are here to stay.
This could finish up saving you a lot of space. According to Microsoft, the download for Mail and Calendar can range from anywhere between 136.09 MB to 212.83 MB.
If this sounds recognizable, it’s probably because the most recent update to Apple’s iOS permits you to remove the default apps you likely don’t care about, like Stocks.
And not to worry- if your not happy with your decision, you can repeatedly re-download them from the Windows App Store.
To get your hands on Windows 10 Build 14936, just sign up for Microsoft’s Insider Program. Be notified though, you’ll be running pre-release software, and might encounter some turbulence.