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Will Artificial Intelligence Narrow the Bridge between Humans and Machines?

The world has witnessed sweeping improvements in technology. With smart phones and internet connections the whole world is consolidated in one’s pocket, which is a very fascinating sight. What is more amazing is that all of this happened so fast. As days pass everyone is more spellbound with technologies it is engulfing them in day to day life. Looking at the present scenario no one can be sure about what the future has in store but we might be witnessing an age where robots would be living amongst us.
Looking a few years back before internet came into our lives, there were uncertainties regarding future, while at present machines are living amidst us. The smart brains have infused technology in every bit of our lives and soon people would be driving cars without drivers, machines that would do grocery shopping and will be a helping hand to all laborious works. All of these recent developments or gradual changes are because of the improvements in Artificial Intelligence. In a milder way Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as the computer programs or models designed to perform a task that usually requires human intelligence.
A glance at what is to come.
The recent innovations make everyone wonder what all other changes are yet to be witnessed in coming years. AI has been swaying our lives in many ways. Researchers have claimed that scientists were able invent some breakthrough theories and machines with the help of ‘machine learning’.
Smart cars are now a well-known concept. These self-driving cars are the beginning of a decagon which would change the way we move. Imagine a time when people would be reading newspapers on their way to office while the car is driving itself. This is both intriguing and unbelievable in certain ways. Automated news is yet another enthralling invention that is now getting popular. Apparently, artificial intelligence programs can now write news stories. The fact that such a basic task can also get influenced by AI is intimidating. Online customer support has been in practice since few years now. Many of the websites are now using this skill to communicate with their customers directly.
Apps that recommend music and movies, smart home devices that studies the resident’s behaviors and suggest changes accordingly. AI is playing a major role with or without your knowledge. Have you ever wondered how ‘Siri’ actually helps with the directions when you command?  How the spam filters work in e-mail.? At times the implication of AI in our lives is obvious while at certain times it goes unnoticed. But however, it is a fact that AI is everywhere and it is making a huge difference in everyone’s lives. Soon would come a time when humans would have a robot or a computer program helping humans at every minor and major task. So the near future would witness improvements in these areas and many more to come.
Would Humans get in way of AI?
What effect will AI have on human experience? Humans are both indolent and smart to think of ways to get a job done in an easier way and hence have been working on this since ages. The idea of robots was always a topic of excitement and many have been dreaming and working to make robots a reality. However, as time has passed it is evident that many of the brightest minds have taken AI to great heights. When it comes to AI, it has been proved that there is no limitation and has now emerged as a greater mission with more and more people working on it.
Despite what technology has been able to do, is the world ready to accept these changes in a wide scale? The point to be noted here is that as humans learn with experiences, one does not know what success is unless he has tasted failure.  This alone works as motivation to strive and work hard to achieve success. Many times we need to touch a hot stuff to know and feel that it is hot and shouldn’t be touched. Humans are not programmed they live through the experience to know it all. The rights and wrongs are taught to humans and not programmed wherein the outside influences are also a major factor of knowledge.
Nevertheless AI is programmed which means it could understand better than what individuals are capable off.  It wouldn’t be a surprise to know that there might be robots in near future programmed with even human emotions. This raises the question whether humans would come in their way of making this world much easier to live in. Alike many sci-fi movies would the people be the bystanders of a world solely lead by machines and robots?