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Wildix: Simplifying the Company’s Internal & External Communication while Optimizing Productivity

Organizations that are looking to improve productivity and responsiveness while reducing their IT costs, Unified Communications is proving to be a significantly important investment. Hence, it is crucial to select an enterprise-class Unified Communications Solution provider, who will simplify and automate daily operations and increase the workplace productivity of system users.
Wildix, founded in 2005, a state-of-the-art solutions provider, offers a complete solution of Unified Communications including Hardware and Software. Wildix produces its own certified hardware: PBXs, VoIP phones, DECT Systems, Media Gateways, Switches, and Headsets. Also, Wildix offers warranty on its products and installation is carried out by Wildix certified installers.
The distinguishing feature, however, is the Wildix Software, which includes the admin interface for system management and user interface for collaboration. Both components are web-based and accessible via the browser, without having to install any client or plug-in, which makes the system compatible with any OS (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux) or tablet.
Leadership Committed to Standards and Innovation
Stefano Osler, CEO of Wildix got a degree in Computer Science. He started his professional activities, like working on software development and analysis in the field of human-machine interaction. In 1998, he founded his first company, Intellicode, which has grown over years and is now operational in the market.
In 2000, he started to work on the development of a new communication system and dedicated himself to the project management activities.
Stefano assures, “Being a company that develops front edge communication systems, Wildix strongly believes in innovation. The product that we develop is the one that we daily use at work. Before any new tool or feature becomes available for our customers, usually it passes a usability test inside the company – our employees are the first one to try it out.”
In fact, new information and communication technologies have greatly changed the work lives over the past years. Many of Wildix employees constantly travel abroad to other offices of the company and participate in different events. Right now, they can work anyplace, anytime and use any device. Since the system is web-based and compatible with any platform, it makes no difference whether they are in the office, at home, on the move or abroad.
Outcome of Culture of Innovation
Wildix is the first company to have fully integrated WebRTC technology into a Unified Communications platform. Wildix WebRTC Kite solution, introduced back in 2013, is the tool allowing the customer to interact with the company via the corporate website using live chat, call, video, desktop sharing and file transfer. Wildix WebRTC Kite solution received the prize as the best Unified Communication solution at the IP Convergence in Paris, and was invited to participate at WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Chiara in California (2013) and World Conference in Paris dedicated to WebRTC (2013-2014).
Wildix also offers a web-based videoconference solution based on WebRTC, which does not require any additional hardware. Wildix video conference is available for the users of the system, but also for the external users via the browser. It’s possible to record a videoconference (both audio and video), to schedule a videoconference, to share a desktop, an application or a link.
Approaching to the Radiant Future
Wildix believes that the future of the UC is in the Cloud, this is why they have created an offer that includes Unified Communications services in the Cloud. Another strong point of Wildix is the integration of WebRTC. Wildix system has been the first one to fully integrate WebRTC into the UC system, including softphone, WP600ACG Android phone, WebRTC Kite and videoconference. Finally – Wildix constantly works on integrations, to make its system compatible with different HW and SW solutions, such as CRM and ERP applications, video surveillance systems, professional headsets. Their aim is to fully integrate their communication solution with different tools, in order to simplify and automate daily operations and increase the workplace productivity of those who use their systems.
In March 2017, Wildix will participate in the Enterprise Connect conference in Florida. The conference is designed with an objective to help maximize your investments in communications and collaboration systems, software, and services.
“Surely our goal is to continue with the process of internationalization, considering new markets, such as the US and the UK; research and evaluate new technologies to be integrated into our UC system; work on the integration to ensure the compatibility of our communication system with different HW and SW solutions,” desists Stefano.