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Wildix: Providing Browser Based Unified Communications and VOIP PBX

Headquartered in Trento, Italy, Wildix is a multinational company which develops browser-based Unified Communication solutions and VoIP products. The organization completely relies upon the network of certified business partners, who install Wildix system in Europe and in the United States. In 2005, the company formed its Research and Development center in Ukraine.
Wildix solution is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, between 50 and 2500 users which need to provide their employees with efficient yet simple to use communication tools that enable internal and external collaboration capability. Wildix system was designed to be easy to install and to manage, with low maintenance costs. Wildix system is a complete and scalable solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication tools by introducing advanced features such as videoconferencing, chat, SMS, user presence and geo location mapping, and at the same time, improve productivity and reduce operating costs. As a whole, the company is constantly looking ahead at new technologies and how it can best utilize them its product line.
“Technology is only improving and expanding, and it is essential that we do the same,” mentions Steve Osler.
An Enthusiastic CEO
Steve Osler, CEO of Wildix, has always had an inherent love for technology. His parents brought him his first computer at the tender age of eleven, prompting him to become an information technology enthusiast. Later on, he received a degree in Computer Science from Padua University, and started to work on software development and analysis in the field of human-machine interaction. Since then, he went on to Co-Found StarSystem, which offered software services to businesses, in 1998.
Later in 2002, while drinking Guinness with his brother, Steve and his brother started fantasizing about starting a business together. Steve loved the taste of Guinness, Irish dry stout, and admired the fact that its specific taste can be recognized among hundreds. He thought, “This is the winning factor; to stand out from the crowd, to be unique, to distinguish one’s self.” Fast-forward to 2005, along with his brother, Steve started to work on the development of a new communication system and dedicated himself to the project management activities, for what is now known as Wildix – with the shared vision to stand out from the crowd, to be unique, and to distinguish themselves from others.
A Unique Organization that Provides Unique Services
Wildix’s go-to-market strategy is completely centered on a high-touch, high-value channel model. Organizations’ value the partner relationship, and as a vendor it provides a complete roadmap to success that provides all the necessary tools for them to succeed. Wildix never sells hardware through distribution; its pricing and licensing is simple and easy to understand, with no hidden costs underneath. The company delivers higher margin and revenues for its partners because it provides an exclusive and direct partnership. Additionally, Wildix partners also enjoy additional benefits such as free tech support, software assurance and a 5-year out of the box warranty for all the equipment. In addition to technical training, Wildix provides sales training and marketing support and assistance to partners, as marketing their business shouldn’t be a seemingly impossible task.
Tackling Bad Patches and Competitors
Wildix began as a simple conversation back in 2002 and, till date, the journey has definitely been on the fun side for the company. However, there were some initial struggles, as is the case with any other company. One of the struggles was trying to convince a car repair shop to place Wildix’s PBX boxes into their paint kiln, so that the blue paint would adhere.
However, among all these struggles, there were some exciting times; which included hearing about the tremendous engineering talent hidden in Ukraine and flying over in 2005, hiring engineers, and opening an office in Odessa. Or, researching browser communication capabilities, and as a result, becoming the first in the world to develop WebRTC; working with the team of developers from Global IP Solutions that developed WebRTC, before Google’s acquisition. Eventually, all these experiences shaped Wildix as a resilient, forward thinking, and innovative organization.
According to the organization, Architecture and Design is of optimum significance. Unlike the solutions available in the market, Wildix offers its own complete range of Integrated Hardware products & Unified Communications and Collaboration features, which work together seamlessly.
Wildix is quite different from its competitors because its design philosophy is simple:

  • Make it: “Simple” – Every feature is delivered in a Single Intuitive Web Interface and smartphone apps, while removing the complexity.
  • Make it: “Secure by Design” – Security must be inherent at every touch point. SBC and VPN are not secure. More attacks come from the inside.
  • Make it: “Relevant” – Communications has switched from telephony to the web, so we must be able to connect them on the web.

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