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Why you need a CRM strategy – including top options to consider

If your organization is using a CRM for service business, or thinking about deploying one of the many modern options available, then creating a strategy to make the best use of this asset is sensible.
Here is a look at why formulating a CRM strategy is worthwhile, and which platforms and approaches work well.

Defining your needs to determine your choice

First and foremost, a CRM strategy should be leveraged to allow you to work out exactly what kind of CRM solution you actually need, according to the size of your business, the scope of your budget and the things you hope to achieve after adopting a new CRM.
Ultimately it is a bit of a balancing act; you need to make sure that the system you select is not just suitable for the scale of your operations at the moment, but also capable of growing and evolving along with them as your company grows thanks to the stronger relationships built with customers through your CRM efforts.
Additionally, you need to recognize the need for flexibility within your strategy; the CRM should cater to the unique requirements of your organization and the industry it occupies, rather than forcing you to adapt your practices.

CRM solution front-runners to compare

There are lots of competing platforms for your consideration, including:


One of the largest CRM providers around, working with an expert Salesforce consultant could be the most appropriate way for your businesses to extract as much value as possible from its services.
Perhaps the biggest reason to recommend Salesforce is that it is capable of delivering superior interoperability, allowing for integration with other digital solutions that make it easier to siphon relevant data from a cavalcade of sources and use this to glean actionable insights, as well as track customer relationships more precisely.


Equipped with an easy to use dashboard as well as a finely honed mobile app equivalent, Freshworks is straightforward to use in the office or on the go. It is also endowed with an AI-powered lead generation tool, which is an increasingly popular and ubiquitous selling point in the wider CRM market.
An additional reason to scout out Freshworks as a CRM option for your business is that it is comparatively affordable, so might be well suited to smaller businesses with big ambitions.


If a low cost CRM solution is appealing, then what about one which is entirely free? That is what HubSpot brings to the table, and while you will need to pay to unlock the more premium features, the fact that you can dip your toe into the water without risking any cash in the process is definitely positive.
The main limitation is that HubSpot does not excel in any one area, but is instead averagely effective across the board.

Wrapping up

Formulating a CRM strategy which works for your business is the key to keeping customers loyal and introducing new customers to the fold, so you should not only take steps to implement one, but also choose platforms carefully along the way.

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