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Why Yoga defines better health?

The present world is frenetic, whether you are working or nonworking. Everyone is required to be in a constant state of rushing around. On the other hand, Yoga was in practice when the time ultimately had a different meaning. It teaches us a way to deal with the monster called time.
In ancient time yoga was more than just a system of teaching, it was a daily routine of life. People dedicated their lifestyles and culture that included healthy eating habits, work, and social interaction. The philosophy of yoga is rooted way back in a physical culture of health that is still in practice by over 15 million people in the world.
However, very often we misunderstood Yoga as being limited to Yoga poses and its benefits arerecognizedonly at the body level. Most of the timewe fail to realize the benefits Yoga has to offer in uniting the mind, breath, and body. When we are actually doing it, the journey of the life is more fulfilling, healthier, calmer, and happier.
Mental Health
Good mental health is essential for being healthy physically as well. With breathing technique that is an integral part of Yoga, one can allow the cells of the body to have access to more oxygen for a longer time period by inhaling more oxygen. A common breathing practice in Yoga is to breathe from only one nostril while holding the other one closed that boosts increased activity of the other side of the brain. Thus, leading to better  performance of the tasks associated with the other side of the brain. Regular practice can help people suffering from depression, anxiety and mood swings and children with attention deficit disorder. It also keeps the mind calm.
Many of us, after a day’s hard work, plonk ourselves on our home sofas with hardly any energy remained in our body to even fetch a glass of water. Lack of inner strength is the reason behind this usual thing. There are certain poses in Yoga that helps in generating more inner strength. The inner strength is essential in doing daily activities and preventing you from injuries, and Yoga makes sure that you are full of inner strength if performed correctly. The need for inner strength grows as we become older and we need more energy and strength to do the same activity.
There is a popular misconception that, you need to be flexible to do the Yoga poses, but it’s actually the other way around- you need to do Yoga to beflexible. If one has flexible body, then it becomes very easy to perform the tasks. Many of Yoga poses concentrate particularly on stretching and improving body flexibility. The soft tissues of the body along with the muscles of the body gets worked out leading in less build up of the lactic acid that is responsible for stiffness in various parts. Thus, Yoga makes your body more flexible and you can do a task more easily.
A healthy cardiovascular system of our body is responsible for preventing strokes, hypertension, and heart attacks. Improper lifestyle, negative thinking, and faulty diet results in various heart diseases. Our emotions are very much responsible for a healthy body, whereas negative thoughts can send a series of unhealthy and complex chemical processes throughout the body. Yoga has many positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It tends to control the negative thoughts by bringing in fresh oxygen. It develops and generates well-being in the body.
Respiratory Problems
The practice of particular asanas of Yoga has helped check respiratory problems and chronic cases of Asthma. Nasal passages start producing mucous in excess when they get inflamed, making it difficult to breathe and often has common symptoms like wheezing and coughing. Multiple factors like allergy, exercise, and weather change could also cause respiratory problems. The lung capacities could increase by practicing yoga, also stamina and stress on air passages could get reduced.
Memory improvement
Yogacharya Vishwas says, “Memory is the measure of ability to reproduce the knowledge that is known.” Well, Yoga helps in retaining information for a longer period of time due to its focus on meditation and concentration. More blood flows to the brain when breathing right ultimately concentrating and meditating, making it ready to accept new information and also reproduce the information when required.
Anti ageing
Regular practice of Yoga poses has anti ageing effects. Yoga makes the approach towards life positive and stress-free and also strengthens the mind. Apart from this, a person performing Yoga regularly is mentally agile, flexible and more fit and reflecting positive attitude and overall happiness on the face, making it more glow and reversing ageing effect.
Yoga offers us everything we need, so key to happiness and better health is to include Yoga practices in daily schedule leading a beautiful life.