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Why Vertical Radiators Are Becoming More Popular

If you are someone that lives in colder climates, you know that radiators are one of the most essential aspects of a home. They help keep the home and its inhabitants warm when the outside conditions hit sub-zero temperatures.
For the longest time in history, manufacturers were creating radiators that were horizontal in nature. The pattern continued for decades when some important changes necessitated changes on the horizontal design front.
In the last few years, many homeowners and designers have been opting for vertical radiators. Given the huge number of styles, sizes, colors, and designs they come in, it is obvious why the installation of vertical radiators is outpacing the traditional horizontal ones.
In this article, we are going to discuss five major reasons why vertical radiators are the better option for homeowners and commercial offices. If you are planning to buy a new radiator for your home, this article is going to benefit you in multiple ways.
What is a Vertical Radiator?
Vertical radiators serve the same functions as heating a room to help you avoid those chilly nights. The major point of difference is that as compared to traditional horizontal radiators, vertical radiators are stacked in terms of height.
It means that you have longer heating vents on the wall. The short and stout nature of the horizontal radiator meant that it could only be installed in places where there was space, and no other piece of furniture could be kept in front of it.
When it comes to vertical radiators, you do not have to worry about any of those problems. They are great for smaller apartments and more suited to house rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. In terms of heat dissipation, they are far more efficient as well.
The science is similar. The only point of difference is the construction. The vertical stacking ensures better space utilization, improved heat dissipation, and something more aesthetically pleasing to look at.
List of 5 Major Reasons why Vertical Radiators are Better than Horizontal ones
Reason 1: Provide Better and More Efficient Heating
You might have noticed how traditional horizontal radiators are often placed behind tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.
This compromises the heating output and affects the overall efficiency. The smaller stacking up of the grills does not allow as much heated air to get released and occupy spaces within the room.
A vertical radiator’s construction ensures that it will not get covered up behind any furniture piece. The open grills ensure that the heated air gets circulated at different heights of the room. This heats faster and more efficiently.
Reason 2: A Great Addition to your Wall and Room Décor
Most of us are concerned about the way our rooms look. No matter how efficient horizontal radiators were, there is no denying the fact that they were major eyesores.
In fact, they stood out in a bad way even when the overall aesthetics of a room were attractive. As against this, brands that are manufacturing vertical radiators are experimenting with different color patterns, styles, and designs.
They are trying to make it worthy of being statement pieces in a home’s décor. They are succeeding in helping designers make them a part of interior spaces.
Reason 3: Better Utilization of Tight Spaces and Limited Real Estate
Traditional radiators were notorious for occupying bigger spaces on walls. With so many of us moving into smaller apartments and condos, the value of open space has increased ten-fold.
We need to ensure that every wall within our home is being utilized in the best way possible. To help out in this regard, vertical radiators are a great opportunity.
Not only do they require far lesser real estate, but they also do not need to be covered as messing with your home’s décor. If you are living in tight spaces, you need to go with vertical radiators.
Reason 4: Best for Rooms like the Kitchen and Bathroom
One of the areas of our home that we do not pay as much attention to is the bathroom and the kitchen. When it comes to the kitchen, homeowners need to pay attention to heating.
It can get too warm or too cold, depending on whether the stoves, ovens, and other cooking tools are being used or not. With the above items occupying a lot of space, you might not have the space to install a horizontal radiator.
Leading interior designers recommend that rooms like the kitchen and bathroom benefit from having vertical radiators in terms of space as well as design.
Reason 5: Easy Installations and Movement from one place to another
If you are someone that has to move between homes every couple of years because of work issues, you want your furniture and amenities to be easy to move around.
Installation experts that are responsible for installing vertical radiators say that this is easier to install and move around. For example, if you want to remove the vertical radiator from one room of the house to another, the process is easy and can be completed within a few hours.
The same cannot be said about horizontal radiators that need additional work for installation.
The Bottom Line
If you are looking to install vertical radiators, you need to make sure that you buy from reputed and credible brands. At the end of the day, you want the radiator to heat your interior space. This means looking at areas like warranties, service conditions, and running costs.
Make sure that you do your research before investing in vertical radiators. Look at online reviews, ratings, and GMB pages to get an idea about how good or brand really is. This will help you get a better idea about what will suit your home and requirements.
If you have any other questions you would like us to answer, please reach out to us in the comments section below. Do you think vertical radiators are better than their older horizontal counterparts? Let us know what you think.