Why Successful Business Women Are Often Lonely and Use Dating Services to Improve Their Personal Life

You can often observe a paradox — women successful in their careers with their own profitable businesses are absolutely unhappy in their personal lives. Either they have a partner who exploits their finances, or successful businesswomen are generally single and have to spend lonely evenings in the company of their favorite movies or a purring cat. But what’s wrong with them?
Equality is good, but a beard suits a man, not a woman. It is the same with actions and with human qualities because, whatever one may say, there are male character traits and appearance, and there are female ones. For a man — strength, for a woman — tenderness and love. But can a strong businesswoman from https://ladadate.com/russian-brides be attractive?

Who Is She — A Strong Woman?

There are universal human qualities such as courage, self-sacrifice, kindness. Possessing such qualities, women can remain feminine and, at the same time, be much stronger than lots of men. But we are not talking about strong mothers who jump under a train after a child, but about businesswomen building a career. But even if we consider the first example, when a lady is brave but feminine, she will still lose in attractiveness to an ordinary fool who cries because she lost her phone. Such is human nature: the most feminine appearance and behavior are attractive to men.

Why Are Business-ladies Not Lucky in Love?

There is a strong independent woman who has achieved everything herself and has a lot of money. Why does she a priori lose to an ordinary student with a dandelion wreath on her head?
Why Are Business-ladies Not Lucky in Love?

  • The business lady does not have a dandelion wreath. That is, it is not even the wreath itself, it is just that a particular lifestyle leaves an imprint on the appearance, and often the lady looks too businesslike, not allowing herself to be feminine.
  • If a woman has a lot of money, then an unhealthy competition is formed around her: she is immediately surrounded by a lot of men who are not averse to living at the expense of a rich lady. If a woman does not look pretty and does not really have time to get acquainted, then it is difficult for her to meet a decent man. So, it turns out that, most likely, next to a successful lady, there will be a lazy easy-rider who will not be able to make his chosen one happy but will only use her money, aggravating her low self-esteem.

Summing up all the above, men do not like strong women because it is hard to realize themselves with them, because a representative of the sterner sex wants to pay for a lady in a café, to comfort her when she is upset or merely buy a gift. But in practice, it turns out that the benefit of a man is only in bed and his help in carrying a heavy bag.

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