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Why Should You Hire a Company Accountant for Your Business?

A company accountant is a corporate accountant with expertise in business accounting. They ensure that a company’s financial records comply with economic laws, regulations, and policies. London, or anywhere else in the world, businesses follow the same principles to drive growth and fulfill their goals. But, of course, sole traders can still manage their day-to-day financial duties. Still, accountants for limited companies in London can save time and have the skills and knowledge to streamline a company’s financial obligations and help it track its economic growth and achieve the desired results. There are more than 11,000 accountants in London, which also has the highest concentration of accountants among the neighboring cities.

What Are The Duties of A Company Accountant?

Company accountants for limited companies in London prepare financial documents such as monthly budgets or quarterly budgets. Around 80 percent of all accounting firms in London have four or fewer employees working in them. They will monitor a company’s expenditures and manage cash flows. In addition, a company accountant is tasked with preparing annual audits for the company, which helps track the developments in an organization.

What Should A Limited Company Expect From A Company Accountant

From registration and set up of a limited company to auditing that organization’s annual accounts and filing various taxes such as corporation tax, a chartered accountant is expected to avoid costly fines by filing returns on time.

Bookkeeping services are a must for a company accountant to maintain accurate statements of company cash flows.

Apart from these, company accountants are also expected to maintain staff payroll such that payments are made timely and track expenditures.

How Cloud-Based Software For Accounting Works

Cloud-based software for accounting is a game changer for many small businesses as well as giant enterprises, where they can use a well-designed interface that helps deal with all the financial duties of a company. A limited company can subscribe to or buy such software and hire a team locally to carry out the tasks on the platform easily. This software uses high-level encryption for safety and to ensure its user data is secure.

Why Should You Form A Limited Company In London?

Usually, small and medium-sized businesses are sole traders or proprietorships initially. Still, as the enterprise grows, the financial expenditures, obligations, risks, and forming a limited company separate the company from its founders. So, if a lawsuit is filed against your company, accountants for limited companies in London can save you and your organization because they are separate entities or there is limited liability. There are several other reasons why a company needs a dedicated chartered accountant or needs to form a limited company. The UK has more than 40,000 accounting firms all over the country, most of which are in London.

How Does A Company Accountant Help In Forecasting Financial Operations

Company accountants review business operations and prepare monthly and annual budgets for the coming years or for some time by using various methods and metrics, which helps a company set its goal and understand what it needs to do to achieve them at a given time. In addition, a company accountant will help save time and effort by forecasting the requirements and obligations of a company.

Who Should You Work With

Now that it is clear how a company accountant can help a business thrive, the next vital step to consider is who to work with or what qualities a company should look for before hiring a chartered accountant. A popular choice is to have a local accountant who can be in touch personally and physically with the company.

A chartered accountant should be well qualified and experienced. It is best to find a reputed local company offering accounting services who have dealt with thousands of clients before, so there is no lack of professionalism.


Eventually, as a business grows and becomes a limited company, having a company accountant is imperative for the success and growth of the company. From saving time to ensuring business activities and operations are carried out on time and accurately, company accountants can save a lot of money lost due to negligence of state policies and regulations. As a company expands, its legal duties will only get even more complex, for which a chartered accountant has the requisite skills and knowledge and helps manoeuvre through it.