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Why Israel Is a Great Place to Jumpstart Your Career

Israel is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, offering an abundance of opportunities to its residents. Israel also opens its doors to Jewish citizens from around the world. On 5 July 1950, a law was passed that gave Jews the right to relocate to Israel and acquire citizenship. This means that, if you qualify, you could travel to Israel, regardless of education or work history, and start a new life, jumpstarting your career. Israel truly is a land of opportunity.

This article will explore in further detail why Israel is a great place to jumpstart your career:

Gap Years

One of the most exciting opportunities that Israel offers to Jews from around the world is its gap year programme. The programme gives young people an opportunity to volunteer, intern, and study before they go to college. Many people who take gap years and visit Israel claim their gap year to be absolutely life-changing, helping them to get more in touch with their Jewish identities, and learn about themselves. If you enjoy Israel so much during your gap year that you want to stay, you could qualify for an internship.


There are also lots of internship programmes offered throughout Israel. One of Israel’s largest cities, Tel Aviv, welcomes thousands annually for internship roles. If you are interested in pursuing internships in Tel Aviv, then you won’t have to look very hard. A simple Google search brings up myriad opportunities. Even if you do not choose to stay in Israel permanently, visiting for an internship will still help you to kickstart your career. Some of the world’s most successful businesses are located there, so working for one of them as an intern is an effective way of developing one’s career, which we will come to next.

Career Development

There are two ways that Israel can help you to develop your career. The first is that if you go there as an intern, the chances are if you work hard, the company you work for will take you on and employ you full-time afterward. The other way is that by working for an Israeli company, employers back home will take you a lot more seriously. The experience that you will have gained while working in Israel will make you much more attractive to employers, than people who have done internships domestically.

Also, Israel had a robust economy. In 2020, the Israeli market was estimated to be worth 262.06 billion USD, meaning a lot of international companies trade and do business in this country, leading to several job opportunities in different fields, especially in the field of translation and communications. Under the guidance of the Academy of the Hebrew Language, an official organization that creates new words and preserves the Hebrew language, the language industry will need skilled professionals that can translate a document from Hebrew to English and in other languages to accommodate the ever-increasing demand in industries, such as law, business, marketing, and healthcare. If you’re looking to further your career with your culture and linguistics degree, consider being part of Israel’s language industry.


Volunteering can be a great way to add substance to your resume. It can also be a great way to learn about yourself, help out, and meet new people. Volunteering as a young person can help you to develop social skills. These social skills will help you in the future, allowing you to communicate more concisely, get what you want, and feel confident in situations where you are out of your comfort zone. Of course, when volunteering your food and accommodation are paid for. You can volunteer in the city or the countryside. The latter is a very popular option for young people today.

Why Israel Is a Great Place to Jumpstart Your CareerTraining

In addition to internships, there are also lots of training programmes available to people who visit Israel. If you want to learn more about your career or niche and you qualify for one of Israel’s training programmes, then it is perhaps the best thing that you can ever do for your career. Israel has some of the world’s most successful and intelligent businesspeople. By enrolling in a training course, you will be given insight into your chosen industry directly by these people. In addition, Israel has some very fine educational institutions which you can study in.


If you are a native English speaker or just have a good command of the language, then you could teach English in Israel. This is a great way to set yourself up in Israel, building a career. If you intend on applying for Israeli citizenship, then teaching is a great way to get started. Israel needs English teachers, so traveling there to teach is a very effective way of ingratiating yourself to the country’s immigration department. With that said, if you are Jewish you don’t need to ingratiate yourself – it’s your legal right to get citizenship!

Religious Studies

If you want to learn about Judaism, then Israel can be a great place to visit. Some of the world’s finest Jewish schools are located there, unsurprisingly. You may be able to travel and study in them completely for free, provided that you are eligible.

Israel is a great place to visit, whether you want to further your career or just take a vacation. The country is rich in historical and cultural sites. All of Israel’s programmes and opportunities need you to prove that you are Jewish before you qualify. With that said, you can still acquire a work permit and live in Israel, even as a non-Jew.