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Why is the internet so expensive in my area?

The Internet has now become a non-negotiable commodity for anyone in the world.

During the global pandemic, amidst all the stress, and overnight transformation, the internet came out like a phoenix. The updated list of essentials may not be complete without high-speed inter-net while working from home, shopping, teaching online or taking classes, ordering food, or staying entertained and informed while quarantining.
The monthly internet bill in America is $60 per month on average. This rate is pretty high because an average inter-net bill is about half of this price i.e. $35. We often hear that some Americans pay even $100 per month for the inter-net. Also, note that this fee does not include equipment and installation costs.
The price of an internet connection varies based on the desired speed of the internet and bandwidth. If you need fast internet speed, unlimited data and bandwidth, you would be required to pay more. It is as simple as that. However, if you are looking for ISP recommendations that are worth investing in, you must start your research with Spectrum, CenturyLink, Xfinity, Cox, and Mediacom. These are one of the leading inter-net service providers in the United States, having their footprint in more than 42 states and winning the loyalty of millions of households, it is safe to say that they won’t disappoint you.
As discussed before, asking for extra services will pretty much cause you to pay more. As a new customer, you might feel excited to see the prices of inter-net packages. However eventually and in all actuality, you’ll have to pay more than that. It may appear as if every ISP charges differently but here are the common factors that make the inter-net expensive. But the matter of the fact is while seeing the prices, subscribing to any additional service or just the package we at times overlook some charges that increase the overall prices.
In this article, we will be pointing out the factors that may cause an increase in the bill. These are the charges customers don’t pay attention to and this usually causes the economically priced package they look expensive.
Installation Fee
If you think that the installation is free, you may be wrong. On top of the monthly charges, every ISP will charge you about $100 as the installation fee. Nevertheless, don’t worry as you will have to pay for installation charges once. You should check the options you have because it’s not a small amount. You may even have an option to self-install too.
Rental Fee
The majority of the internet plans charge a rental fee for modem and other equipment which may include a router. This fee varies on the internet plan you use however the average rental fee for every ISP ranges from $10 to $20.  You can avoid this fee by using a personal inter-net modem and equipment or getting a used one at a cheap price.
FCC Universal Service Fund Fee
For those who don’t know, FCC Fee is the money you pay to them for increasing the internet coverage. The FCC (Federal Commission Communication) focuses on providing inter-net to rural and poor areas. Don’t worry because this fee is no more than $5 per month. It may not increase the bill significantly but it increases your monthly expense a bit.
Internet Cancellation Fee
If you are fed up with your internet service provider, canceling may be subscription is the best idea. Though your internet service provider will not cut your internet line for free. ISPs usually sign yearly contracts with their new customers. Thus, canceling the subscription before its completion period will make you pay a heavy amount i.e. early termination charges. The early you decide to end the contract, the more you’ll have to pay. To avoid this situation, select the internet services such as Xfinity or Spectrum that offer contract-free plans.
Late Payment
If you are not punctual, you may not be able to pay your internet fee on time. Paying the fee after the due date will cause you to pay more than the original internet fee which is about $20 in most cases. If you further delay the bill payment, your ISP will disconnect your internet services, and you’ll have to pay more for reconnecting it.

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