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Why is Custom Pouch Packaging So Popular Now?

There are different types of packaging materials available in the market today. You will find products being packaged in metal tins, glass jars, bottles, or even folding cartons. These solutions have existed for many years.

However, we have seen a tremendous rise in the popularity of custom pouch packaging in recent years. This type of packaging offers numerous benefits to both businesses and their customers.

Most businesses are now investing in custom pouch packaging to meet different demands and to ensure that they are not left behind. Some of the reasons making custom pouch packaging popular include.

Flexibility in Printing

Custom stand-up pouches allow businesses to obtain personalized printing compared to any other packaging materials. For instance, if you use metal tins for packaging, it will consume a lot of time when printing the tins, and you might not get results similar to printing on stand-up pouches.

You will also find certain difficulties when printing on other packaging materials, difficulties that do not exist with stand-up pouches.

In addition, businesses can come up with and print any design that they want on stand-up pouches. Some designs are so difficult to print that they are not a good fit for other packaging materials.

Cost Reduction

One way of reducing production and operational costs is by using stand-up packaging materials compared to any other alternative.

For instance, you will find that the cost of production of a stand-up pouch in most markets is more than two times cheaper than that of folded plastic cartons, more than three times cheaper than plastic jars, and about four times cheaper than metal jars.

Every business needs to reduce its operational costs and improve its profits margin. This is important in surviving in a market that is often affected by different things, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Offers Convenience to Both Customers and the Business

Customers need a high level of convenience every time they are dealing with your products. From the time they get the products from a store to the time they consume the products, customers need to have a good experience with the products.

This means that businesses need to protect their products with a type of packaging that does not interfere with the daily activities of their customers in any way.

One of the best ways of doing this is through the use of custom pouch packaging, something that has forced multiple businesses to reconsider their packaging solutions.

Investing in custom pouch packaging shows that a business is listening to the needs and wants of their customers, something that is important in driving sales. This has increased the popularity of custom pouch packaging.

Easy Warehousing and Transportation

Business owners need to save money for the success of their businesses. The distribution process is one area where they can cut costs through the use of custom pouch packaging.

For instance, businesses can transport more units of custom pouch packaging compared to any other packaging materials. Additionally, they can store more packaging materials as well as products in a warehouse.

This not only helps in cutting warehousing and transportation costs but also in making them more flexible. Custom pouch packaging is also light compared to other types of packaging materials.

Since transportation cost is directly proportional to the product weight, it gets easier and cheaper for businesses to use custom pouch packaging. This has contributed to its growing popularity.

Increases the Safety of Products

Businesses need to use packaging materials that make their products safe throughout the distribution chain. For instance, businesses that deal with food products prefer using custom pouch packaging since it helps keep their products fresh for a long time.

It also provides protection from external elements that contribute to the destruction of products. For instance, some custom pouch packaging materials are puncture-resistant, something that ensures that products are protected when moving from one place to another.

In addition, some of these packaging materials come with high barrier films that protect products from UV radiation, pollutants, and moisture, among others.

Finally, most consumers are becoming sensitive when it comes to the conservation of the environment.

This means that they will buy products in packaging materials that do not have adverse effects on the environment. Custom pouch packaging has provided businesses with a solution to this requirement.


Businesses are reaping all these benefits from the use of custom pouch packaging. This has forced most of them to change their packaging techniques and start using custom pouch packaging.