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Why is a VPN recommended for Businesses and Startups?

In an era of start-ups and new businesses, many new small businesses are mushrooming worldwide including in Canada. These small businesses are competing equally with big business corporations in different aspects. This would help them in achieving success by bringing them recognition. Among various aspects that act as a significant challenge for small business holders compared to the big business, tycoons are measured investment. This crucial factor often leads small Canadian businesses to leave out some vital business requirements. One such requirement that small business holders should not think twice before investing in is investing in a VPN.
VPN or Virtual Private Network leads to increased security and cost-effectively manages privacy. The idea of a VPN is to connect multiple computers to a public network and establish a virtual security system. This interlinked system allows setting up a dependable security system, which helps secure and private internet surfing.
VPN: A Game-Changer for any Start-up
A VPN disguises your connection altogether, it routes your connection through a different server and then encrypts your network using powerful software so that it cannot be tracked back to you. Here’s a Good guide that provides more detail on the best available VPNs. Check out for more.
VPN: A Game-Changer for any Start-up
A VPN makes you practically invisible online, and if your business servers are protected this way, it would make it impossible to find you. So, With a VPN you need not worry about any data breaches that could affect your business, your customers, or your reputation. You can also carry your work around the globe while traveling and access geo-restricted content from anywhere.
Hackers online have methods of sniffing around firewalls and antivirus software. Once they’ve found a way into your system, they have complete control over your personal information. When you’re handling business data or customer data the repercussions of this data falling into the wrong hands can be severe.
While the outbreak continues to spread around the world, businesses and start-ups around the world and in Canada have shifted exclusively online at least for another year ahead. There’s been a 129% year-over-year growth in Canadian e-commerce orders as of April 21 and an impressive 146% growth in all online retail orders.
A recent Morning Consult study found that 24% of consumers in the USA and Canada said they wouldn’t feel comfortable shopping in a mall for more than 6 months. Customers are more motivated than ever to stay home and shop online.
Here are the 6 Good Reasons why small Canadian Businesses should think of investing in a VPN
investing in a VPN

  1. Using Public Wi-Fi – Entrepreneurs globally and in Canada owning a small business often operate from temporary workplaces. This requires them to use public Wi-Fi networks, which increases the risk of onlookers having access to private data. Besides that, working remotely doesn’t only imply coffee shops. Sometimes, your employees will have to travel out of the country for conferences, business meetings. There has been a tremendous increase seen in remote working trends in Canada. While operating from Canada with tighter content filtering can mean some of the required data is completely inaccessible.

Stronger and reliable VPNs will have the required tools to bypass difficult censorship laws. It’s worth having a read around other reviews to see which options are available if this applies to your business here in Canada.

  1. Access to Freelancers – Small businesses mostly hire provisional employees or freelancers to run the business. But this involves the risk of company data transferring into many hands within a short span and various remote locations. If proper security measures are not taken from the very beginning, it may lead to the perils of private business data getting leaked.
  2. Free internet connection – Start-ups and small businesses often attract customers by allowing them to access free internet connection. This imposes a security hazard for the business in terms of its data getting hacked by strangers if security is not built up carefully from the very start.
  3. Cyber Hackers – Small-scale businesses are also quite vulnerable and easy targets for online hackers due to their loose security setup. A reliable VPN would help provide privacy and security to the official data of the owner and its customers.
  4. Inexpensive Approach: Compared to other security solutions, VPN is a much more inexpensive alternative. With budget-friendly VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost, you can quickly hook up with a stress-free and cheap security app to maximize the security of your business online.
  5. Protection from Cyber Attacks – Getting breached by cybercriminals might seem like something that would happen only to Fortune 500 companies. However, stats show data breach attacks affect companies of all sizes. For instance, SMBs accounted for 61% of cyberattack victims, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations report. Incredibly, VPNs allow all organizations to shield their data when their employees use public networks, reducing the odds that it will become a victim of cybercrime. The privacy offered by VPN technology makes it a viable choice for any firm.

VPN: An Essential Asset to an existing Business
VPN: An Essential Asset to an existing Business

  1. Protection from Cybercrime – with the increase of cybercrime globally, careful attention must be given to setting up secured internet usage. VPN must be used for blocking online hackers from obtaining private business data and keeping track of usage.
  2. Expansion of businesses without risk – A VPN allows safe communication with multiple users without having to worry about company data getting hacked. Multiple devices can be managed under a single account.
  3. Provides a wider search result – Google often provides us with a location-specific search result. VPN keeps the location of the user anonymous and provides a broader search result. If you are running your business in Canada but wants to lookup the market in the USA or UK you can shift your IP address to your desired region and can conduct thorough market research based upon customer intent
  4. Simple and easy to use- A Premium VPN service provider helps the user with a unique password, with the help of which the service can be availed after activation.

Final Thoughts 
Before VPN services entered widespread usage, there was no way an employee could access a local intranet based in Canada while they were traveling in, say, China. It opens up so many gateways for the future of your business strategy. Invest in an excellent easy to use VPN for your new business and ensure maximum security and privacy throughout.

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