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Why Do Enneagram Wings Matter?

The Enneagram is a valuable self-development tool for identifying the core ego compulsion that drives a person’s behavior. The intricate system represents unconscious activities and nine personality models. Finding your main Enneagram number and your wing will help you grasp how it corresponds with your personality.

Your dominant wing is a sidekick to all of your inner motives and objectives, and it finds its way into your Enneagram type. Wings, sometimes known as ‘extensions’ or ‘helpers,’ have a tremendous capacity to unlock the potential of your multidimensional personality.

What Are Enneagram Wings?

Humans are multifaceted beings with a variety of personalities, which is why one personality type out of nine cannot capture your entire human nature. One way to describe these aspects of your character is with wings. An Enneagram wing is the number directly on each side of your Enneagram type. A person borrows energy from their wing, which gives the total Enneagram type more gravity and individuality.

Your distinct personality is made up of a blend of your primary type, and one of these two wings is known as your dominant wing. According to a study, individuals are often more impacted by one Enneagram wing than the other, even though features from both Enneagram wings may arise as a response to various situations. This indicates the validity of both ideas. Enneagram wings can be thought of as personality choices that individuals can switch between depending on their situation and health condition.

You can learn more about the meaning of Enneagram wings here.

Why Are Enneagram Wings Important?

Enneagram wings are important as your major number in determining how your type appears in the world. They offer depth to your personality type, and the overall profile might vary greatly depending on which wing you use.

It’s as if you have a second personality. Many other possibilities for your actions would be left unexplored if you didn’t have them. A four with a five wing differs significantly from a five with a six-wing. Only the fusion of the major type and wing can sometimes assist a person figure out their primary type.

You’ll be working with minimal information if you merely know your Enneagram number. Finding out which wing is your dominant one lets you delve further into the specifics of your character. If you’re new to the Enneagram, first try the free enneagram test that will help you learn about your primary type’s key patterns, gifts, motivations, and obstacles before moving on to your dominant wing.

By analyzing wings, you can obtain a better grasp of your inner motives and how they originate from your behaviors and thoughts. You’ll also be able to determine which career pathways correspond to your interests and abilities. You’ll be able to explore potential lives and environments that you’d thrive in, in addition to accomplishing your long-term job goals.