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Why Brands Should Prioritize Mascot Marketing In 2022

Mascot marketing has been around for decades, and it continues to be one of the most significant strategies. Even as digital branding makes it big, you cannot expect to grow without investing in traditional branding with a mascot. Not surprisingly, big and small brands have one that replicates their personality. It makes your brand recognizable, connects with the audience, and strengthens your presence in the competitive landscape. You may see it as an old-fashioned tactic right now, but there are valid reasons to prioritize mascot marketing in 2022. Let us explain why you should invest in this strategy this year.
Leverage for social media reach
Any business that wants to grow today needs a robust social media presence. You can pull crowds on these platforms, make people stick around, and win their trust for the long haul. But creating an impressive picture on social media platforms is easier said than done because the competition in the industry is immense. A mediocre social media presence won’t cut it, and you’ll need to go above and above to have a captivating one. A brand mascot can bring a unique flavour to your posts and stories. You can even use it to hold the audience with a storytelling element. There are good chances of increasing your follower base and getting them back with compelling posts.
Rebuild brand identity
The new normal is here, and you can expect things to move back to usual in the foreseeable future. Even if social alienation is the norm, events and in-store marketing will restart in the New Year. Businesses have to do more with less to rebuild brand identity, so you can consider a revamp for your mascot. Investing in Custom Mascot Costumes is a good idea as you can reuse them at different events and occasions. You will also require them for everyday displays in your store. Make sure that the new design matches your new personality, story, and vision. For example, your focus may be on helping the customers right now, so create a mascot or tweak the existing one to replicate the new mindset.
Go the extra mile with visual marketing
Holding the attention of your audience is more about visuals rather than words. Even the best tag lines and messaging can get out of mind when they are out of sight. But visual elements tend to remain fresh in the memory of customers. You can use attractive logos, stickers, print ads, and illustrations to catch the eye, but they are just a start. Mascot marketing may be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and making yourself more memorable. It even lets you create a more authentic and human image for your brand. Not having a mascot in your marketing arsenal can put you behind the competition because all your rivals will probably have one.
Mascot marketing can set your brand apart, so make sure you invest in it in 2022 and beyond. Design a brand mascot that resonates with the audience and keeps them hooked because it is not a choice anymore.

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