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Why a move to Canada might be right for you.

Getting away from your everyday surroundings can help to reduce your stress, introduce you to new experiences and help you to gain perspective on the things in your life you’d like to chance. For some people, however, a vacation just isn’t enough to provide the inspiration and fulfilment that a change of scenery can provide.

Luckily for those who crave a longer-term change, many countries have programmes encouraging people to become residents and eventually gain citizenship. There are many reasons other countries may wish to attract people from the UK and other parts of the world. The skillsets that one country develops may mean that one country’s labour pool can help to fill the gaps in the skills of another nation, and most countries are always open to attracting high-level talent who can offer unique qualities to their industries and economy.

Canada is a popular destination for those looking for a fresh start right now. As a country, Canada is highly appealing to those looking to emigrate as it is seen as a progressive, forward-thinking and even good-natured nation, which holds many of the same western values as those of the UK. It is also full of natural beauty and can offer scenery that may be difficult to find on other shores. Additionally, given the range of visas, they offer that should come as no surprise that it can attract a variety of skill sets through its immigration routes to ensure the country can achieve its goals. While moving to Canada to study is a viable option, the widest range of routes available are for those looking to become working members of the public. You can even move to Nova Scotia, a Canadian province with their core values since they offer Nova Scotia express entry programs to help you with your migration.

If you’re looking to gain a Canadian Visa, it would be worth using the online eligibility checker to see which Visa would be the best for you. This can help you determine whether you’re able to apply for one of the visa programmes available. If you have family that already reside within Canada, it may be worth exploring the option of sponsorship as a method of emigration. One of the entry routes into Canada is through family reunification, meaning that existing families are able to sponsor family members’ applications to live and work in Canada itself. Although this is a possibility, further expert advice should be sought when using this route as there can be differences in which part of Canada this emigration route is available. There are different rules for family reunification; for example, if the resident aiming to sponsor a family lives in Quebec, and as such, it’s always recommended that you seek as much clarity as possible about the specifics of your situation.

Like many countries, your eligibility to work in Canada may depend on whether or not the skills you bring to the country are in short supply within local labour pools. You will likely stand a higher chance of acceptance if you work within an industry or role in which there is a shortage of talent, which would force Canadian employers to look further afield. Find that you have the necessary skills available to help boost the economy and labour pool within a particular area of Canada. You may find that there is a mutual interest between you and Canada in your emigration. It might surprise you to learn that many Canadian companies actively seek foreign workers to meet their labor requirements. To do so, they go through the process of applying for an LMIA, which grants them permission to hire immigrants. If you want to know what is LMIA click this link (pour savoir ce qu’est l’EIMT, cliquez sur ce lien).

However, there is more than one way in which your arrival in Canada can contribute to the economy through work. Those looking to start a business in Canada have their unique visa route, the Start-up Visa Program. If you’re looking to start a business in Canada using this visa route, there are a few requirements which your start-up will need to meet. You’ll need to ensure that it has the potential to create jobs in the area and that it’s ‘innovative’. Additionally, you’ll need to prove that you can support yourself and any dependents until your business can provide a wage for you. This may not be the most straightforward route in terms of emigration and will require extensive preparation and planning in order to obtain the relevant documentation, you will need to prove to the authorities that your business is viable and would be of benefit to Canada as a whole.

Whatever route you’re considering, the process can be complicated and ensuring that you have all the appropriate documentation can become confusing. Engaging a firm of Canadian immigration lawyers may help you organise your application effectively and allow you to use their expertise throughout the rest of the process. Ultimately moving to a new country is a process which can easily become more complex, and should any complications arise during the processing of your application, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to correct them on your own, which is why professional help in this regard is so highly recommended.

Jake Carver is a writer for the Immigration Advice Service.