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Who Will Pay the Bills for My Truck Accident Injury?

Getting involved in an accident with a truck can be traumatizing, considering the weight and size of trucks. Normally, the impact may be worse and even fatal. Grand Rapids, MI, has a significant transportation and logistics presence due to its strategic location and proximity to major highways and interstates. Consequently, truck accidents are quite common. If you or a loved one was injured, consult Grand Rapids truck accident lawyers to guide you through the restitution process and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injury.

Usually, the liable party is responsible for paying the bills following a truck accident. To help you understand who you can hold responsible for your bills, below are parties that may be liable when you are involved in a truck accident injury.

  1. Insurance

You will pay the bills for a truck accident injury initially. However, insurance can refund the amount you spend on your medical expenses and suffering, depending on your policy. In a no-fault car insurance state like Michigan, your auto insurance is responsible for your medical bills, whether you are guilty of causing the accident.

If you have excess medical benefits on your auto insurance policy, your health insurance should pay for your injuries first and let the auto insurance handle the balances. You can also use your spouse’s insurance to pay for your insurance, provided your spouse or relative lives with you. In case of unavailability, the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan will designate an insurer to pay.

It is advisable to only accept insurance settlement offers after contacting a lawyer. This is because insurers are known to go to great lengths to reduce the amount they pay you.

  1. Truck Driver

Truck drivers are usually at fault when a truck accident occurs, especially if it results from negligence. Common reasons a truck driver might be responsible for an accident are if they drive drunk, drive while distracted, tailgate, or over speed. Since truck drivers also spend most of their hours on the road, driving while drowsy can result in an accident.

If you believe the cause of your accident injury is the truck driver’s negligence, you can decide to file a personal lawsuit against them. The driver’s personal insurance cover can then pay the bills for your injury.

  1. Trucking Company

The trucking company can also be liable for your injury as they are responsible for the driver’s actions. As such, they can pay your truck accident injury bills using the company’s insurance policy if they are found guilty. Besides being responsible for the driver’s actions, the trucking company can be liable for the following reasons.

  • The company’s hiring process was faulty, resulting in incompetent drivers.
  • The company didn’t conduct regular drug tests; the accident happened because the driver was under the influence.
  • The company failed to perform proper truck maintenance and servicing, causing the truck to fail on the road and result in an accident.

Fortunately, most trucking companies have insurance policies that exceed legal requirements. Therefore, if you win the case, you can get significantly higher compensation to cater to all your expenses.

  1. The Truck Owner

Not all trucks belong to trucking companies. Sometimes, individuals buy trucks and give them to third parties for deliveries. While the truck owner may not have first-hand involvement in the truck accident, they may be liable for your truck accident injury if the accident results from neglecting truck maintenance and repair.

Other parties can also be responsible for your truck injury bills, including the truck manufacturer for defective parts like tires, maintenance companies, and cargo companies if the accident is due to improper cargo loading and even other drivers on the road. Depending on who caused the accident, any of the above parties can be liable to pay for your truck accident injury bills.


It is not uncommon for multiple parties to be mentioned in a lawsuit. If you are involved in a truck accident, involving a truck accident lawyer for legal advice and representation is crucial. Understand that you have three years to file for personal injury claims after the accident if you live in Michigan. You can contact truck accident lawyers to help you build a strong case and an effective strategy to ensure maximum compensation for your truck accident injury.