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Whitepot Studios: An Extraordinary Game Development and Creative Media Studio

Today, gaming industry is undergoing a phase of rapid development with recent innovations and advancements in technology which have all contributed to the overall enhancement of the gaming experience. With the introduction of VR gaming as well as technological advancement of graphic and sound cards, 3D graphics accelerators and amazingly fast CPUs has unveiled a new era of gaming.
Growing swiftly, the gaming industry is expected to generate revenues up to USD 90.07 billion in 2020. Though gaming industry has enormous potential to grow and serve the masses but there is a gap which need to be served. Whitepot Studios is one such gaming company which is ready to tap the potential and extract the maximum benefits from it while serving the game lovers with the best of their choice.
Whitepot Studios is a game development and creative media solution company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is founded by two ardent game lovers, Adam Whiteside and Vicky Potts. Counting on Whitepot’s achievements; they in the first year of their company’s inception successfully released their first game, Tubocity. A sci-fi endless runner, Tubocity became popular in no time and has been downloaded in over 35 countries within the first quarter since its release.
Meet the Dynamic Duo of Whitepot
Adam Whiteside and Vicky Potts are joint co-founders of Whitepot Studios, and are partners in life as well as business! Both Queen’s University Belfast graduates are the first in their families to go to the university, the pair founded start-up IVEA labs straight after graduation with two colleagues, which developed an interactive Bluetooth beacon solution to provide an interactive experience within exhibitions and museums.
IVEA labs successfully attained funding from the prestigious Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition. Adam Whiteside and Vicky Potts were also the finalists in the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2016 and secured a place on Invest NI’s Propel Programme. Following their time with IVEA labs, Adam and Vicky remained teamed up to follow their passions of making games and having creative freedom; and set up Whitepot Studios with help from the knowledge gained from their previous start-up experience. Whitepot Studios, though early stage, has successfully launched their first title, attended Gamescom 2017 in Cologne exhibiting as part of the UKIE Stand, and have successfully attained funding from NI Screen’s Assembler programme for early-stage game prototype development.
Some Outstanding Products and Services by Whitepot
Whitepot Studios unique goal is to develop fun, emergent games that are primarily player-driven – in which the player’s experience is shaped by them and those they interact with, and will be different each and every time they play. Additionally, at Whitepot they offer creative media services such as games for hire, graphic design, and website design.
Tubocity: Tubocity is a free mobile game for iOS and Android that really tests your reflexes – see how far along you can get, and maybe you’ll get the global highscore!
Why Am I In The Past? WhoCares! Shoot The Romans: Ancient vs. Technology comes to a head in “Why am I in the past? Who cares! Shoot the Romans,” (WAIITPWCSTR). It is a Windows based PC game which was developed using ‘Unity.’
Present Scenario of Gaming Industry from Adam’s Viewpoint
The game development scene in Northern Ireland is flourishing and has grown even larger in the past year since we joined. The availability of free, industry-standard development tools like Unity has allowed anyone with a PC, some time, and dedication to develop a game and share it with the world – and that is really, really amazing. The motivation of young people to create things by themselves from scratch to add their own portfolio is incredibly inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what the next generation of developers – those, for example, currently making amazing Minecraft creations at a young age – will be like in 5, 10, or 15 years, asserts Adam.
Adam also believes that, game jams and hackathons are a huge social opportunity which is not to be missed. Local gaming groups and organizations can arrange game jam meetups which co-incide with game jams running all over the world. Game jams allow teams to collaborate on a given theme within a very short space of time – and can produce something amazing and allow people to meet new friends, learn new skills, and surprise even themselves at what they can produce in the space of 24 – 72 hours!
Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Joining the local game development community and ensuring we absorbed each and every opportunity of help available has been invaluable in helping us gain new clients and make new relationships. Adam and I knowing each other so well and working so closely together has also been important in ensuring our success – we know exactly how talented the other is and can help each other through stressful crunch periods, and also those periods of celebration where things have gone well. Knowing your co-founder well is incredibly important, asserts Vicky.
At Whitepot they aim to be a major break out company in Northern Ireland by 2019 with the release of their first PC game early that year.

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