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Which is the Best Course for Python?

Python is an essential programming language to learn in today’s age. One can find its application in multiple domains, such as web development, data science, automation, and machine learning. If you have some knowledge regarding projects related to data science and machine learning projects, you might be aware that Python is used as a default language in such projects. The extensive application of the programming language in such significant projects of this age is the reason a number of budding programmers are willing to learn this object-oriented programming language in 2023.

Artificial intelligence is finding application in most industries today. Given the wide usage of Python in Artificial Intelligence, the language is highly in demand today. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking up a Python course, here are some of the best ones that we recommend:

  1. 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2023 – This is the best for someone who is starting to learn Python. Dr. Angela Yu teaches Python programming in this course on Udemy in a bootcamp style. The learner learns the language by building 100 projects in 100 days and also gains proficiency with automation, games, data science, and building websites simultaneously.

A portfolio of 100 Python projects in 100 days enriches the learner’s profile to be able to apply for developer jobs. Topics taught in this course include Python basics, data structure,  variables, and functions. Other necessary Python libraries that form part of the course include  Beautiful Soup, Request, Flask, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit Learn, Selenium, Plotly, and Matplotlib.

  1. Python for Everybody – Coursera has a range of course specializations, which enables one to learn a skill and gain mastery in it. This collection of course specializations by Coursera enables the learner to learn Web Development, Data Structure, Python and Access databases using Python. The learner has to complete all the exercises in the course and, finally, a hands-on project. This happens for every course. At the completion of each course, the learner is awarded a certificate.

Besides this course, beginners can also learn Python from two other notable courses on Coursera, namely, Google IT automation with Python professional certificate and Python 3 Programming Specialization. In the former, the learner learns about automation with Python and other technologies from Google. In the latter, the learner learns the course from the University of Michigan. The learner becomes a fluent and independent Python developer upon completing this course.

  1. The Complete Python Development in 2023: Zero to Mastery – This course, created by Andrei Neagoie, is a hands-on course on Python programming. This course has a high rating and will increase the chances of getting hired as a Python 3 Developer.

The course teaches web development, machine learning, automation, and more. The learner learns the language along the way by building more than 12 projects. There are a lot of quizzes, short projects, interactive animations, and practice exercises that make the learner fluent in Python by the completion of the course.

  1. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 3 – Over 2 lakh 50 thousand students have enrolled for this course on Udemy. This is indicative of how effective, popular, and valuable this course is to the learners.

It is a comprehensive course, but its practical and straightforward approach of it makes it useful to learn Python for programmers irrespective of the stage of Python learning that they are in. The learner will learn about Python 3 in this course in a practical manner. The learner starts with downloading Python to the machine and setting it up on the computer. Eventually, he moves to other topics.

In the course, the instructor shows live coding to the students and explains what he is doing. The learner has to complete various quizzes, homework assignments, notes, and three major projects in the course to create a Python project portfolio. All this encompasses adds value to the learner’s journey in the course.

  1. Core Python 3: Getting Started – According to us, this is the best Python course available on Pluralsight and one that we would recommend you to go for if you already have a Pluralsight membership. The way Robert and Austin have designed the course,

you need not be all serious in the pursuit of upskilling your career. They have done an amazing job of making learning fun yet meaningful.

Just like any other course, this course also starts from the basic. You will start the course by learning to download and install it on your computer. You need not worry about whether the operating system in your computer would support Python and if you would get to learn about it. The course covers the installation of Python in Windows, Mac, and Linux, so that is sorted. Moving forward, some of the major topics you will learn in the course include – Handling errors, Iterables, Class, Files, Strings and Collections, Modularity, Objects, Collections, Resource Management, and Python Deployment applications.

  1. Learn Python 3 – This course offered for free by Codeacademy introduces both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. This is an advanced-level course offering knowledge about the latest version of Python. This enhances the efficiency and simplicity of writing the code. Some of the topics as a part of this course include- Building control flow into python, lists, Python data structure, Python string objects, Working with modules in the Python programming language, Python syntax introduction, Python dictionary structure, creating classes, objects, and interfaces, code reusing with Python functions, and methods to declare, call and interact with functions.

There is no prerequisite to learning this course. Covered in 25 hours, this course does not offer any certificate to the learners upon course completion. However, the fact that regardless more than 45,000 learners have enrolled for this course speaks volumes about the course quality.


As a beginner, you may choose to go through some course materials available for free to gain some understanding and develop an interest in the programming language. Later you can upgrade to a paid course.