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Bingo or Slots: Which is Better?

In your quest for fun with online gaming, you may come across bingo or slots. These are two of the most popular casino games available. Over the years, each casino game has gone through tremendous changes in terms of creativity through innovative technology.

What was once a century-old game marred by boredom is now an online game that uses a random number generator. Slots, on the other hand, now include various bonus features. Deciding on which is better between bingo and slots is dependent on what you prefer as a casino gambler. To help you decide we have compiled a list of similarities and differences to help you decide on whether to play bingo slots online or spin the reels.

What’s in common Bingo or Slots?

In many ways, online bingo or slots games are similar. For starters, both are games of chance that are now available in almost every online casino. What’s more, the games are mobile-friendly, allowing players to access the games through their mobile devices and gamble at their convenience.

Secondly, both games feature enhanced graphics and creative themes. Bingo or Slots are centred around themes such as adventure, TV show adaptations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and joker themes. These come packed with crisp 3D graphics and lively animations to present visually appealing layouts. Bingo also features themes such as Celtic culture, mythology, and game shows. With online bingo, the games also feature creatively designed bingo boards, themed prizes, and fun bingo lingo.

Another similarity is the presence of a progressive jackpot in both games. Much like slots, online bingo halls will have a progressive jackpot that has life-changing amounts of money. Players enter these games by contributing a minimum amount of money to become eligible for the jackpot. In recent days, both bingo or slots sites have awarded players enormous jackpot prizes.

The minimum bet a player can place on bingo and slots is similar. In most online casinos set, the minimum bet is allowed at several cents and the maximum bet at a few dollars. In short, both games offer a favorable betting range.

Bonus features in slots vs bingo

When it comes to bonus features that players can trigger, online slots take the trophy on this. Today, there are hundreds of game providers who have come up with creative bonus features for their slots. For instance, Big Time Gaming is the brains behind mega ways slots that offer 117,649 pay lines, while Pragmatic Play is behind the hold and re-spin bonus feature.

Each of these bonus features helps players trigger winnings during gameplay hence increasing the chance of a maximum pay-out. Unlike bingo, bonus features are limited to offers given by the casino, such as welcome bonus offers and reload bonuses.

The social aspect in bingo vs slots

For the longest time, bingo has been a social game that brings together friends who love bingo and other shared interest. This concept has been borrowed to online bingo through chat rooms and community pages. On these chat rooms, punters can share and have some lively conversations while they fill up their bingo cards.

The community section is a social page where the participants share their photos. In short, bingo sites are more than gambling sites. Slots, on the other hand, lack any form of socialization. Punters log in, spin the reels, either win or lose and log out.

Gaming variety in bingo vs slots

When you log in to bingo or slots sites, it’s quite evident that slots take up a huge chunk of the library. In some casinos, slots can add up to thousands of titles from different providers, while bingo games are limited to less than a hundred.

Moreover, there are only a handful of bingo software providers compared to the hundreds available for slots. For this reason, the gaming variety is large for slots and includes games with different bonus features backed by interesting themes. Bingo, on the contrary, may have different themes but not quite as extensive as slots.

Which is better?

In a nutshell, online bingo or slots games differ and also share significant similarities. As a casino player, choosing which game to play narrows down to what you are looking for during gameplay. For that relaxed, fun, and social experience, online bingo is definitely the game to opt for.

Bingo has limited game mechanics and will not require you to strain to achieve a winning combination. Conversely, for that exciting, thrilling, and bonus-filled gaming experience, spinning the reels is the way to go. Each game is interesting and will continue to improve in all its interesting aspects in a bid to keep gaming fun for you.