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When Should You Consult a Speech Therapist for Your Child? The Signs You Need to Watch Out?

The children’s first 12 months are the most productive stage as they learn many things. They will start babbling after six months, and after their first birthday, they might start saying a couple of words.

As a parent, you might be worried when your child isn’t saying anything even after 18 months. You should remember that the development stage is different for different children, but you also need to consider the child’s developmental milestones. If your child is experiencing speech difficulties, consider visiting, where you can explore a wide range of literacy products created for therapists, teachers, and parents. You’ll also need to use a standard language and speech development checklist to determine your child’s ability.

When Do You Need to Contact a Speech Therapist?

Most pre-schoolers mispronounce words as well as face problems completing their sentences. This is completely normal, and you don’t need to worry about anything. When the children start learning languages, they will experiment with different types of sounds and tones. They will also follow numerous lip movements that will help them create new words. However, it’s difficult to tell if the child is mispronouncing or having difficulties in their speech. Here are the signs that your kid needs speech therapy.

Your Kid Isn’t Babbling 

As mentioned earlier, your child should start babbling after six months. If your seven-month-old kid isn’t babbling, you need to contact a speech therapist for auditory deficits. If the reports state that your child suffers from auditory functions, you need to contact a speech pathologist that will help you with the next course of action.

When you consider Functional Speech Therapy – consultation for your child, the professionals will help you understand the facts and myths so that you don’t need to be scared unnecessarily. A reputed and professional speech therapist will let you know the natural exercises that will boost the development of your child’s speech and language.

Your Kid Is Stuttering a Lot 

Stuttering is a problem that develops once your child ages 2. As per Baby Center, although stuttering is a pretty standard issue amongst children, frequent stuttering can cause numerous problems. 

They might start repeating one syllable, the whole word, or the whole block altogether before they say any word. Toddlers don’t showcase the behaviors of stuttering. 

If your pre-schooled child has been showcasing signs and symptoms of stuttering for more than a month, you need to ensure you’re contacting a professional and experienced speech therapist, as they will help you a lot. 

Your Kid Has Inconsistent Speech

When your child is young, they might have incoherent speech. Sometimes, they will create new words so that they can showcase their thoughts and emotions. These won’t cause any issues as long as they are making constant mistakes. 

Inconsistent speech might contain identical words which are spoken in different manners throughout the whole sentence. For instance, your kid might start saying ‘lie,’ ‘tie,’ and ‘die’ when they want to actually say ‘bye.’ 

These are the common signs of CAS or childhood apraxia of speech. You can address these symptoms when you consider speech therapy for your child from an early age.


These are the signs that your child needs speech therapy. Make sure you let us know if you have any other queries.

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