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What’s the price of AMZN stock – Summary

In this comprehensive analysis, you will learn everything you need to know about Amazon stock. Amazon stock has grown significantly in recent years, and more investors are including it in their investment portfolios. This has been made possible by the incredible growth Amazon has achieved by becoming the leading e-commerce company known and used around the world.

The company, thanks to its innovations and value-added services offered, has managed to break the $90 billion annual turnover milestone. Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN ) has been listed on the stock exchange since May 1997 on the Nasdaq, the New York-based index of technology company stocks. After hitting the market at about $18, its stock has gone through three splits over time.

Today, Amazon’s stock price has surpassed $3,000, and its return on investment is more than 100,000 times higher. Read on to learn more.

AMZN stock price today. Amazon Nasdaq Stock Quotes

Current value $110.99
Lowest price $107.93
Maximum price $111.21
Last open $110.39
Last close $108.95
Volume 20,865,914
Variation $2.04
% Change 1.87
52-week low $110.99
52-week high $110.99

AMZN after-hours stock price analysis and forecasts

Amazon stock first went public in 1997 with a starting price of $18. Currently, you need $110.99 to buy one share of Amazon stock.

So Amazon’s stock price has risen 18,000% in 25 years, becoming one of the companies on Wall Street with the best annual growth rate.

What Amazon’s stock price depends on

With a market capitalization of about $400 billion and various affiliates offering a wide range of services (such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Kindle Unlimited, etc.), Amazon has a presence in many markets in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Financial ratios and new product launches are key price drivers. In addition, we must keep in mind that most of Amazon’s stock is owned by long-term investors, including its founder Jeff Bezos, who currently controls about 11% of the company.

Bonus – Netflix and MSFT after-hours stock price value

What's the price of AMZN stock - Summary

Microsoft Corporation is a technology company for the software and infrastructure industry headquartered in Redmond with a market capitalization of $1,914,556,907,520.00.

What is the MSFT stock price today? Shares of Microsoft Corporation are currently quoted at $255.99 with earnings per share (EPS) of 9.58.

In the last session, Microsoft Corporation shares recorded a change of 1.13% ($2.86) to close at $253.13. In the same session, the stock recorded a high of 258.49 dollars and a low of 253.63 dollars.

What’s the price of NFLX stock today – review

In less than twenty years in the stock market, Netflix has added more than 33,000%. +4,550% were gained in the last ten years alone, becoming a U.S. share in the decade 2010-2020. The more people watched its catalog of titles (movies and T.V. series), the more its name brought in billions of dollars, propelling the company to the Olympus of big tech companies (the so-called FAANG).