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What Your Product Packaging Says About You and Why That Matters!

When it comes to representing your brand, products and design are of utmost importance.

Let’s face it – while many companies have top quality products that may be the best in their category, without good design on great packaging, your brand and product won’t be able to stand out amongst competitors.

This means that you need to pay attention to details and opt for sustainable yet captivating packaging that truly sells your products.

Think about the number of products that are delivered every hour, daily. Amongst millions of packages, having yours stand out means you must have done something right in terms of branding.

This means that, if your product has great packaging, it has a better chance of being more visible when compared to those who don’t pay much attention to their overall product look. For instance, something as simple as customised or personalised beermats can have a huge impact if it is well-designed. Good packaging thus can have an impact on multiple things.

Now, if you’re looking forward to make good impact of your brand and product, you must get in touch with brand packaging companies, who knows the importance of product packaging and why it matters.

In this article, we’ve put together a little information on the same that will help you better understand how you can leverage packaging to improve the visibility and sales of your product.

1. Showcase What You Do

Every brand has an essence or core that impacts the other features of what they offer. Whether it is with their design or products, staying true to the brand is essential to reflect your brand’s true beliefs.
This means that every time someone glances at your product or handles it, you have a strong opportunity to leave a lasting impression on them and thus improve your brand visibility. While at it though, you must consider additional factors such as the logo and ensure it has a distinct design that stands out amongst the rest of the design on your packaging.

2. Personalise Your Packaging

One great marketing tactic that works wonders for every business is personalisation. Everyone loves to have something curated specifically for them. For example, if you consider Coca-Cola and their personalised coke bottles with names on them, everyone is super thrilled when they find a bottle with their name on it.
While you don’t necessarily have to incorporate everyone’s name onto your packaging, you could include something more vague yet specific such as a fandom or a sports club. In doing so, people would be more likely to opt for whatever you offer over others due to this uniqueness.

3. Capture Attention With Colours

If you take a look through local stores, you’ll notice that some products pop off the shelves and stand out due to their distinct colours whilst others, even those with a similar design, can be overlooked.
The colours you use, therefore, with a nice contrast to the rest of the packaging and the background, are an important component of the design. As a result, the colour palette becomes critical in successfully marketing your goods. Here one thing you could consider doing is a quick survey of your competitors’ products and figure out what works well with the audience and what doesn’t.

4. Add Accessories and Shapes

A unique product shape and accessories can make all the difference in improving the appeal of your brand – and leveraging this can prove to be what you need to create a strong and distinctive product.
Irrespective of how your product looks, you can use the packaging to elevate the product even further.
However, what you need to keep in mind is that while handling the product, the accessories or additional shapes that you create with the packaging should not get damaged. This will only end up affecting the overall aesthetics of the product.

Additional Things to Consider

As important as it is to introduce visually appealing designs and personalisation, you also need to underline the importance that other elements have when it comes to packaging.

We are talking about the intricacies and the big picture, namely – the absolutely necessary kind of information to be written on the product packaging and on the other end, shipping material.

You may focus on checking if the printing firm adds any vital information about your goods because you can rely on reputable brands like Springpack for large picture initiatives like delivering packages.

Doing this will also add to your brand image, build trust within the customers and give you a reputable position amongst the other service providers from your industry.

For your assistance, we’ve created a makeshift checklist; a list of a few things that can come in handy when you’re trying to add information running along with your brand image. You can ask the printing services to add in this information, which can comply with many regulations regarding the content.

Let’s take a look!

1. Honest Product Information 

It is fairly obvious and natural that the description of goods on the packaging must be accurate.

Technically speaking, under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, traders can be held or prosecuted if they misrepresent or exaggerate about the product that their packaging contains.

Doesn’t matter if you’re using illustrations or text, you must inscribe honest product information about –

  • The weight, quantity or size of the product
  • The shape or composition of the contents
  • The methods that are used in the manufacturing process
  • The location and date of manufacture
  • ‘Partnered with’ information, if any
  • The product’s ideal purpose or fitness

2. Safety instructions 

There are certain products that require special permissions to sell. If you are selling one of these products that has potential danger, it is important that you provide the necessary and appropriate information paired with instructions, wherever necessary.

Moreover, this is applicable to all levels of the supply chain – be it transportation by air, road, water or rail, your instructions should be clear enough for all situations to ensure that the goods are handled safely.

Try to think of children’s toys and electrical goods, if you look closely at what’s written in the ‘safety instructions’ section, you will know exactly what we mean.

3. Barcode 

Barcodes are the new generation addition, a glorious element that goes on packaging lately. It has become one of the most important elements of packaging, a compulsion to be precise. In simple words, if you’re going to sell a product, you need to have a barcode.

Since they are ‘codes’, you have to be extremely careful with their printing; after all, they’re on the packaging to serve an important purpose.

So make sure you are making the code clear, concise and easily scannable.

4. Manufactures/Importers 

In addition to location and date of manufacture, it is important that you mention the name and address of the manufacturer, importers or packager, whichever suits your case.

This information can come in handy when customers have an issue with the product, probably they want a claim or additional information about the product itself.

That said, if used properly, this can also become your moment to shine, so make sure your details can be clearly seen!

These are some of the many packaging details that you need to take care of. However, with the product line you are in, you can experiment with the content aspect of it. For instance, you can choose to play with the fonts and colours, contributing to the overall design of your product packaging.

In a nutshell, as important as it is to maintain the design of your packaging, focusing on the utility and ‘how informative it is’ aspect of it can also take you a long way. It will help you imprint an everlasting impression on your consumers, improving your overall brand image.

To Sum Up

Taking care of all the different aspects of your product, right from the product itself to the way it looks and the packaging, paying attention to the details is essential to creating an amazing product.

While most of us do focus on this, certain important elements like the packaging may get neglected.

Now that you have a better understanding of how important packaging can be for your business, leveraging it to best represent your brand will only work out in your favour.

By investing in the right things, you can easily achieve growth and success for your business!