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What You Can Do to Make Your Employees Feel Special


It has been an incredibly challenging year for all and it is likely that your team have been working above and beyond at the moment along with the stresses and worries that the pandemic has brought. Therefore, it is a good time to make sure that they feel special and appreciated and there are lots of good ways in which you can do this.

Check In

One of the most important things to be doing as a manager right now is to check in with each team member on a regular basis, especially if staff are working from home (isolation can be a big problem with remote working). Checking in helps them to feel valuable, it allows them to bring up any issues that they are currently facing and helps to create a strong bond between employer and employee which is always important but particularly in times like these.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is always appreciated but it is something that many managers overlook. Even a simple “good job” can make a big difference and help employees to feel recognised and important, but you must always make sure that this feedback is genuine. Additionally, public positive feedback is always effusive and will encourage other employees to work hard too.

Small Gifts

Small gifts can be a nice touch in times like this and help people to feel valued. Places like Card Factory carry a wide range of appropriate gifts for employees, such as personalised wallets, pint glasses, photo frames and mugs just to name a few options.


Offering flexibility with their work schedule can make a huge difference to their life, plus it also signals trust and appreciation to your staff. During times like this, people need flexibility more than ever and could even help to improve their performance.

Career Development

You should also take the time with each staff member to find out what their career goals and aspirations are and then find ways to help them to achieve this. Giving them additional responsibilities, providing training or putting their name forward for a promotion could all show that you care and strengthen bonds.
These are just a few of the most effective ways to show that you appreciate your staff during this challenging time. In difficult times like this where staff are likely to be working incredibly hard but have additional stresses and anxieties, it can make a big difference to feel special and appreciated by their manager and hopefully strengthen your relationships.

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