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What will TikTok become: trends 2022

The lengthening of videos, the growth of cognitive content, ambassadorship, targeted advertising and eCommerce — what new is the popular social network preparing for us?

Trend 1. Increasing the length of the video

TikTok is believed to promote itself as a “Network for short video content”; however, its future plans involve a progressive shift away from this label. Originally, the time limit of movies on TikTok was 1 minute, then 3 minutes, and starting in 2021, you may upload videos that last 5 or even 10 minutes! You can watch it as well as use Tiktok video downloader no watermark to save them.

It’s no surprise that rewinding debuted in videos longer than 30 seconds. This also suggests that the network accepts extended material and includes capabilities that make it easier to view such information.

Trend 2: Educative material

TikTok has begun rewarding bloggers who create extended movies with money. A special program was established for this aim, with a financial pool set out to assist artists who make films longer than 20 seconds.

Ignoring the fact that the highest monthly compensation for one author is not so high, the TikTok project itself demonstrates the platform’s commitment to assisting creators of instructional material. Such assistance is not available to creators of entertainment media products.

Trend 3. Targeted ads in Spark Ads style

TikTok influencers who were unfortunate enough to create an account organically may now do it for payment. You may advertise individual videos produced in your account using the Sparks Ads format. The video appears in the suggestions newsfeed with an activated “Subscribe” link. The price of this kind of promotion is around half that of comparable ad campaigns on Instagram, which is quite beneficial.

By 2022, a greater and greater number of marketers will be aware of this form, and it should be in high demand. This is because of the app’s huge trend.

Trend 4. E-commerce

This tendency will delight anybody concerned about TikTok as a sales platform with business alliances with various eCommerce providers.

At the moment, it’s known that TikTok is trying a Seller application for overseeing TikTok outlets in the United Kingdom and Indonesia. It’s not known exactly when this application will become available in other destinations. But it’s definitely time to get ready for digital shopping and active sales in TikTok. How to do it? For example, start developing your store’s account so that there is a place to “land” customers when it becomes possible to sell goods through the account. There will be no one to buy in a bare account.

Trend 5. Ambassadorship

“Each brand has an ambassador” — most likely, and the next year will be held under this motto for many companies in TikTok. It all comes down to TikTok mechanisms, which are meant to favor profiles with one person removed (the ambassador). The only exceptions are TikTok-house accounts, but their development is supported by the popularity of their participants.

The importance of an ambassadorship is confirmed both when viewing the most popular accounts and by fresh statistics. A recent study by Semrush indicated that 60% of the most viral videos on TikTok contained one person in the frame, 17% did not contain a person in the frame, and less than 10% contained more than two people in the frame. And 37% of the most viral videos began with the speech of a person in the frame. Not from a screensaver, not from dancing, not from a sports trick. With the direct speech of a person.

Using multiple personnel to film for the same profile is not only unsuccessful in terms of advertising but also in terms of organizational income. Working with just one person is simpler. More and more businesses will hire permanent ambassadors to represent them on TikTok.

Trends in TikTok are updated at the speed of light. You can easily follow them and regularly publish fresh content using the new features. Or create your own!