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What the Type of Shoes You Wear Says About Your Personality

Type of shoes

It’s common knowledge that shoes can tell you a lot about a person, but now, we’ve actually got data to back that up thanks to the researchers at the University of Kansas, who published a study on it in early 2019. In the study, participants were shown images of random people wearing different types of shoes and asked to guess certain factors about the wearer, such as their income, gender, age, political affiliations, social status, and more. And, the results showed that when it comes to judging a person by their shoes, most of us actually get it right with a massive 90% of correct guesses. Type of shoes matter a lot more than you might have realized when it comes to making a first impression. This is why you should consider investing in a nice couple of pairs of shoes from a one-stop-shop marketplace such as Brand House Direct. So, whether your favorite pair of shoes is your trusty sneakers or classic leather dress shoes, read on to find out what they reveal to people about you. In particular, knowing the best loafers for men to own can significantly enhance your wardrobe and the impressions you make.

Expensive Shoes: High Income

The most obvious characteristic is that pricey shoes tend to belong to someone who earns a high income. Designer shoe labels and shoes that are well-made say one major thing about you to others; you can afford to buy them. Top brands like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Roger Viver are often seen on the feet of celebrities and other high-income earners in the world.

Flashy Shoes: Extroversion

Showy, unusual, and bright-colored shoes tend to mean that the wearer is an extrovert who loves standing out from the crowd. If you love shoes that you can be sure you won’t see anybody else in and love the attention that you get when you’re wearing them, you’ll probably agree that you have quite an extroverted personality type. In the celebrity world, extroverts like Niki Minaj are rarely ever seen in plain and boring shoes, even if their outfits aren’t very unusual. If you like unusual shoes, check out some of the options of Versace shoes. From baroque Palazzo slippers to colorful chunky trainers, these new shoes by Versace are sure to turn heads wherever you wear them.

Practical Shoes: Agreeableness

If practicality is more important to you than looks when buying shoes, you’re probably an easygoing and agreeable person. Sure, you might slip on a pair of flashier shoes for a special event, but most of the time, your comfortable trusty sneakers are your first choice. Celebrities who tend to opt for sensible, comfy sneakers and flat shoes tend to be the ones who have the strongest work ethic, a good relationship with their fans, and are known for giving a lot back to charity.

Shabby Shoes: Liberal

Are you not in the least bothered what brand your shoes are as long as they are comfortable and fit your feet? Do you tend to wear the same pair of shoes for years if you like them, even after they start to look a bit shabby? According to the University of Kansas study, shabby and inexpensive looking shoes like scuffed sneakers and flip-flops tend to belong to liberal-thinking wearers.

Old but Looked-After Shoes: Conscientious

One sign of a person who is conscientious and careful is that they might be wearing shoes that they have had for years, but managed to keep in excellent condition for the entire time. After all, you have to be a fairly conscientious individual to keep a pair of shoes in excellent condition for years and years, and this dedication to caring for their items is likely to be demonstrated in the other aspects of the wearer’s life.

Ankle Boots: Aggression and Confidence

Apparently, many of the participants guessed that people who were wearing ankle boots were a more aggressive type of person. Perhaps not in the fighting aggressive type of way, but more of a self-assured, confident type that knows exactly what they want and isn’t afraid to go for it. And, there might be some element of truth in this – after all, ankle boots are a firm favorite among confident, assured models like Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Uncomfortable Shoes: Patience and Calmness

It probably goes without saying that somebody who opts to wear shoes that are uncomfortable has to have a tremendous amount of patience. Most of us probably couldn’t stand wearing shoes that were pinching, rubbing, or difficult to walk in for any lengthy amount of time, but there are people out there who don’t mind – because they’re just so calm and Zen. These people mostly work at social places like restaurants, gas stations, etc. People who have to stand all day and do their work in uncomfortable shoes because they cannot complain. This might be the several reasons that they have been having this trouble for so long and they are not doing anything about it but there are certainly options for them. For instance, there are non slip shoes for restaurants workers that are so comfortable yet affordable that help them to do their work without any hassle. These kinds of shoes are made by companies like Loom Footwear which is a leading name in making Waterproof sneakers.

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